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Apparently never did an actual so hi!

I write code (preferably Rust), play (RPGs, Soulsborne, and Destiny, mostly) and enjoy music. I also stream on semi-consistently.

Also have a not-as-useful interest in Classical Latin, Ancient Greek, and etymology.

Most posts will likely relate to tech, gaming, or uni (those ones might get ranty, but I cw those!).

(See bio for most up-to-date info going forward. Cheers!)

"Documentation is great, but if one struct needs a 265-line comment something has gone terribly wrong"

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lmfao Bungie can't manage a *single* release anymore without it leaking.

... I've since been informed this *may* be an autistic thing.

That keeps happening a lot lately 😅

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"Dear Professor Chomsky,

We are a group of Ukrainian academic economists who were grieved by a series of your recent interviews and commentaries on the Russian war on Ukraine. We believe that your public opinion on this matter is counter-productive to bringing an end to the unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine and all the deaths and suffering it has brought into our home country."


also shoutout to like, 2 days ago when I found out my employer has a memes channel on Slack...

and promptly got called out in a meme for "fearlessly shilling rust / to everyone who didn't ask". alas.

annual request for someone to turn the bloody sun off.


Like what do you *mean* I can't talk through this complicated structure aloud?

I've gotta use a piece of paper?!

I miss remote exams.

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Most stressful part of programming exams is definitely not being able to talk to myself or, ya know, openly appreciate a particularly *nice* function.

Kalush Orchestra, the winners of #Eurovision 2022 published the official video for the song "Stefania", which was filmed in #Ukrainian cities affected by #Russian occupiers.

Eurovision, Ukraine 

Happy for Ukraine. Their song slapped and their outfits were cool.

I hope Putin is pissed off. I hope all the crank conspiracy theorists backing Russia are pissed off too.

We stand together.

happy with that result. 💙💛

even if France was bloody robbed.

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this was supposed to be a reply to my Eurovision thread but alas it is late

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Come onnnn, Ukraine....


lmao my Mastodon is filled with Eurovision so since I got roped into watching it:

rooting for:

I love memes though:

plenty of good songs though, ngl.

that's a first.

I've been nerd-sniped with a song.


I possibly go on about FromSoft games a tad too much, but on the other hand: this art is great and demands sharing, so fight me.

And honestly, that first playthrough was an *ordeal* lmfao. Some of those late-game bosses... oof.

Huge thanks to Chocolace --

Mara posted a fantastic article about Converting u128 values to f64 (unsigned 128-bit integers to 64-bit floating-point numbers), give it a read!

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