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I'm really getting sick of doing well in assessments and exams and then losing 10-20 marks because the uni decided they want to scale it.

How the fuck do they think this is encouraging us to give a shit? So far a solid third of the modules that actually count to my degree have been straight up fudged by scaling...

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The fact 10-20 marks isn't even an exaggeration: twice now we've had 85 get scaled down to a 70.

Legitimate fucking joke of a department.


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Icing on the cake is they desperately want to go back to in-person exams (despite wanting to keep online teaching & insisting 24-hour exams aren't easier)...

But I don't see the fucking point? Because yeah, 24-hour exams aren't much easier (based on the one module that did go back to in-person so far, which was *slightly* harder in person for some reason) but they're less fucking stressful for everyone.


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Anyway, if anyone following me is picking their unis and wants to go into CompSci (which is great! do, it's fun imo!):

Do not pick York for CompSci. It apparently *was* great, but for the past two years it's just sucked.

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small elaboration: the in-person exam wasn't harder *because* it was in-person (though certainly more stressful); it simply had slightly harder questions, for some reason.

(ie, the 24-hour exam had binary trees, the in-person exam had trees with arbitrary number of leaves - which is, naturally, a slightly more difficult problem)

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