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I'm really getting sick of doing well in assessments and exams and then losing 10-20 marks because the uni decided they want to scale it.

How the fuck do they think this is encouraging us to give a shit? So far a solid third of the modules that actually count to my degree have been straight up fudged by scaling...

vent, language, uni 

The fact 10-20 marks isn't even an exaggeration: twice now we've had 85 get scaled down to a 70.

Legitimate fucking joke of a department.

vent, language, uni 

Icing on the cake is they desperately want to go back to in-person exams (despite wanting to keep online teaching & insisting 24-hour exams aren't easier)...

But I don't see the fucking point? Because yeah, 24-hour exams aren't much easier (based on the one module that did go back to in-person so far, which was *slightly* harder in person for some reason) but they're less fucking stressful for everyone.



Anyway, if anyone following me is picking their unis and wants to go into CompSci (which is great! do, it's fun imo!):

Do not pick York for CompSci. It apparently *was* great, but for the past two years it's just sucked.

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