happy with that result. 💙💛

even if France was bloody robbed.

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I possibly go on about FromSoft games a tad too much, but on the other hand: this art is great and demands sharing, so fight me.

And honestly, that first playthrough was an *ordeal* lmfao. Some of those late-game bosses... oof.

Huge thanks to Chocolace -- chocolace.me

(sensitive because it's maybe sorta Soundfall spoiler?)

"how many puns do you want?"
"all of them"

covid-19, tech 

hm. the covid-19 dashboard for the UK's dead atm it seems, with a *super descriptive* (/s) error message, and the API simply sends nothing.

(the API definitely doesn't send any data; I checked in Chrome. It's not my lib at fault, I'm pleased to say!)


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