Like what do you *mean* I can't talk through this complicated structure aloud?

I've gotta use a piece of paper?!

I miss remote exams.

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Most stressful part of programming exams is definitely not being able to talk to myself or, ya know, openly appreciate a particularly *nice* function.

Kalush Orchestra, the winners of #Eurovision 2022 published the official video for the song "Stefania", which was filmed in #Ukrainian cities affected by #Russian occupiers.

Eurovision, Ukraine 

Happy for Ukraine. Their song slapped and their outfits were cool.

I hope Putin is pissed off. I hope all the crank conspiracy theorists backing Russia are pissed off too.

We stand together.

happy with that result. πŸ’™πŸ’›

even if France was bloody robbed.

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this was supposed to be a reply to my Eurovision thread but alas it is late

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Come onnnn, Ukraine....


lmao my Mastodon is filled with Eurovision so since I got roped into watching it:

rooting for:

I love memes though:

plenty of good songs though, ngl.

that's a first.

I've been nerd-sniped with a song.


I possibly go on about FromSoft games a tad too much, but on the other hand: this art is great and demands sharing, so fight me.

And honestly, that first playthrough was an *ordeal* lmfao. Some of those late-game bosses... oof.

Huge thanks to Chocolace --

Mara posted a fantastic article about Converting u128 values to f64 (unsigned 128-bit integers to 64-bit floating-point numbers), give it a read!

this is unfortunate when training neural nets to any decent accuracy is *so goddamn slow*.

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Fun fact: Windows *really* doesn't like you training a convolutional neural net, playing Phasmophobia, and streaming (NVENC) simultaneously.

It may make your PC eventually hard-freeze until restart, lmfao.

24 hours on an RTX 3090 will yield better accuracy than 24 hours on an iGPU. So... how is it not still a test of who has the most resources...?

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... To avoid one of our AI assessments being simply a test of who has the most resources, we have to train our network in at most 24 hours.

... but like, *time is literally the thing that better hardware improves*??


meta, mastodon, dms of the big things when choosing a Mastodon instance. You need to trust that the admin won't abuse that feature, and if sending to a person on another instance that their admin won't either.

Will I look through your DMs? No. But you shouldn't need to trust what I say. E2EE should come to Mastodon eventually. Until then, use Signal, Wire, WhatsApp, or any other messaging platform with E2EE if you need to send anything potentially sensitive.

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meta, mastodon, dms 

I'll explain how Mastodon DMs work, and what that means for you. Mastodon doesn't have DMs like Twitter does, just posts which have their privacy settings set to Direct/mentioned people only. DMs aren't encrypted in any way. There isn't any way through the Mastodon UI that an admin can view your DMs, but they can look in the database if they really wanted to. If you send a DM to a user on another instance, that admin could also, potentially, do the same. That touches on...

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