Sun cream will forever be the bane of my existence.

When can we destroy the sun? I see no downsides. /j

Aaaaaaghhh why must my AC have kicked the bucket now of all times??

Couldn't it at least have waited till it wasn't summer?

#TIL you can use .git/info/exclude instead of .gitignore to ignore files only for your clone.

My personal use case for this is customizing the tagline to "The world's first ActivityPub-federated Git service!" without having to worry about accidentally committing it to my current Gitea PR.

@kai true, though they did go to the effort of making a custom playlist dialog for YTM, which is a weird choice when copy-pasting YouTube's would be a nicer experience. alas.

I will never understand why it's easier to add a song to playlists on YouTube than YouTube Music...

Why must everyone else be taller than me? 😭

Have to keep adjusting seats cause my feet don't touch the floor lmfao.

long text, tech, "post-mortem"-kinda-thing 

As some final notes:

- I'm curious as to why '+crt-static' triggers a segfault on RasPiOS-64, which was not present on -32? May look into this and do a longer write-up later. :)

- RasPiOS-32/64 = Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) or (64-bit) respectively.

In any case, this does not affect the published build on, and the GitHub source has been fixed. Cheers!

(* might also be because I increased the drive space available, for full correctness...)

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long text, tech, "post-mortem"-kinda-thing 

Think I've worked it out, so background: on RasPiOS-32, the Pi was unable to build the serenity library itself (out-of-memory), so I had to build the exe via cross-compilation on Desktop and scp it over.

Which meant it needed statically-linking, because different versions of some core system libraries, so `+crt-static` was added to the build flags. This appears to cause the issue.

In any case, RasPiOS-64* allows the Pi to build it natively anyway.

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nevermind... That *did* make it so it doesn't instantly segfault, but it *eventually* segfaults instead.

Which makes... absolutely no sense to me. (Stack overflows are panics, no?)

Gonna stop actively posting about this issue till I get *somewhere* with it; something's bugged somewhere though...

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ahahah, turns out I needed to `cargo update`. whoops.

*insert maniacal laughter as I lose my mind here*

probably a weird quirk of when I copied the workspace back over from the armv7l config.

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presumably a library bug (in which case it's either Serenity or async_trait)?

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... huh.

ThreadReviver ran fine on armv7l with no issues, but after recompiling for aarch64 and running on RasPiOS-64, suddenly now segfaults.

which is weird, since it's written in Rust and has no unsafe code of its own.


@DeveloperMemes it pains me that the left hand side has Visual Studio and Java, and the right has IntelliJ and C#...

@thamesynne (in reality if people need me they have my Discord...)

@thamesynne I don't normally talk by text, but under the hypothetical: I use "Your Phone" on Windows to type the message with a keyboard.

Anyway, if there's anything I've learned:

Hobby projects that don't serve a real purpose and probably aren't done the best are still a good learning experience. You can't get better at writing code if you don't write code ;)

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Huh, sometimes you think "oh hey, computers are fast enough now that it's fine!" and that's true until the rendering engine you built for fun is limited to 15fps due to the sheer number of heap memory accesses per frame. :oof:

(This is my conclusion after looking at a project from about 4 years ago again. Neat, though, even if it does perform awfully.)

Flight Sim updates continue to be the worst experience.

It takes *forever*, and doesn't even seem to progress in the background. Aghhh.

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