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Max Heaton boosted has an absolutely gigantic bundle of games out now, with all money going tothe NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund!

There is lots of great stuff in there, and also lots of extremely weird stuff. Extremely recommended.

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blm rebellions 2020, chicago

"The literal president of the Chicago Police Board — the independent civilian body that decides Chicago Police disciplinary cases — alleges Chicago Police officers struck him with a baton five times at a protest Sunday."

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RT "Twitter and smartphones are doing more to promote democracy than the free press. Journalists play an important role in covering and reporting on events, but Twitter and videos are holding authorities to account. Let’s hope it lasts."

ok, I think the redirect should have worked now?

So, uh, hi again.

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twitter link, active US genocide, graphic description of wounds, extremely disturbing 

the US is gassing detained Mexican immigrants by spraying a toxic chemical (HDQ Neutral) all over their housing units which is extremely dangerous to breathe in. people have horrific burns and blisters and they can't breathe.

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Hi! I'm moving accounts in prep for when closes; please find me at @lyrenhex from now on and follow me there! :)

(I'll set up transfer redirects in a bit)

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