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So... Amazon's claiming they've changed a delivery date as "the release date [...] was changed by the supplier", yet they haven't changed the release date.

I'm fine with delays but... why the need to lie?

Started trying to get a handle on Rust and... huh, it's doing a good job so far of becoming my favourite language.

broke: reference the number 42 in your video game
woke: have "no tea" take up an inventory slot in your video game until the character has had a cup of tea

Glinner, fediblock 

Hey there in light of anti-trans activist Graham Linehan getting banned from Twitter I strongly urge you to block his own fediverse server that he said he’ll start using more

keep remembering criteria is plural criterion and wondering why everyone says "a single criteria"

same thing with data and datum

Hello fellow antifacists,

if you speak german, I could need your skills.
(boost appreciated to actually reach out to the german speaking side of the fediverse)


Help, it's too hot.

I practically melt above 18°C and today's supposed to be 27°C :/

(No AC, I'm British and that isn't really a common thing here in homes)

autism thoughts, routines 

i hate how much allistics popularised the idea that autistic ppl are obsessed with routine. like ofc routine is a big thing for a lot of autistic people but its to the point where allistics think you can't be autistic unless you do exactly the same things at exactly the same times every day like a robot and its super harmful to autists with adhd and autists who just don't rely on routine

Telegram feature/privacy PSA (profile picture history) 

Telegram keeps your previous profile pictures in a separate album, visible to everyone.

You can see them by opening the settings panel, and clicking/touching your current profile picture there. From this album you can delete them individually.

To me this is kind of a hidden UI. Maybe it's common knowledge, but I decided to post just in case someone's not aware of this feature, and doesn't want an old picture publicly visible.

PSA, autism, please boost 

World's first academic article documenting autistic burnout please share

nvidia drivers, wddm, win10 

People've reported that WDDM 2.7 mitigates the mixed-refresh-rate dual-monitor issue?

Welp, now to wait for NVIDIA to release a driver update so I can finally re-enable HW acceleration.

Tbh though, running Chrome/Discord non-accelerated hasn't actually been bad even in videos. (Though animated backgrounds will apparently crush CPU rendering, hah)


fundamentally, i'm still closer to a liberal than a leftist -- my ideal society would be one with well-defined and fair laws, in which well-organized welfare programs ensure people have all their basic needs met w/o having to rely on others in the community. but →

If Windows would kindly not intercept Chrome's security key request with its "Windows Hello FIDO2" thing that'd be great.

Having to now close an unnecessary pop-up detracts from the key's convenience :( has an absolutely gigantic bundle of games out now, with all money going tothe NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund!

There is lots of great stuff in there, and also lots of extremely weird stuff. Extremely recommended.

RT "Twitter and smartphones are doing more to promote democracy than the free press. Journalists play an important role in covering and reporting on events, but Twitter and videos are holding authorities to account. Let’s hope it lasts."

ok, I think the redirect should have worked now?

So, uh, hi again.

twitter link, active US genocide, graphic description of wounds, extremely disturbing 

the US is gassing detained Mexican immigrants by spraying a toxic chemical (HDQ Neutral) all over their housing units which is extremely dangerous to breathe in. people have horrific burns and blisters and they can't breathe.

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