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... waiting for Miracle of Sound to release his new song because I want the mp3 to play it in Soundfall. It's so good...

waiting is hard, ya know?


Yeah you.

Stop scrolling for just a second (really that’s all).

Take a deep breath.

Exhale slowly.

Do that once or twice.

Ok that’s all thank you. Please remember to take care of yourself tonight.

Twedia is such a weird program to maintain. It works fine for months, but then a couple of issues all crop up at once that need fixing and suddenly I'm plunged back into the land of Go again.

Honestly, keep intending to rewrite it in Rust at some point, but goroutines are nice*, even if I don't like much else about the language (Go, that is).

(* and not overly efficient, yes, but ehhhh it's a small project. shhh)

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It's like sigma summation notation, except instead of summing the argument over all values of i, you 2 the argument over all values of 2.

ehh, deleted a vent about a uni group project because it felt a little too unkind, even if no identifying details were given etc.

just... if you're going to do a CS course, with a group project in it, *fucking contribute to the project please*. Do not expect 5 people to do the work of 6.

That's how you burn 5 people out and fail a module.

Mastodon is cool but it lacks my favorite feature from birdsite which is the timeline jumping as soon as your eyes see an interesting post that you'll never find again

Obviously, the main shortcoming of the Scratch development ecosystem is the lack of a robust cryptography library.

Until now!

Here's x25519 ECDH key exchange, blake2s hashing, and ChaCha20-Poly1305 AEAD - in Scratch

I've enabled invites on this instance. Not sure why they were disabled. This should make it easier to invite people from Twitter to follow you :blobcat:

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I also won't tolerate any hatred towards Russians for the actions of their leader. I have Russian friends too. They're not to blame for this just like I'm not to blame for the invasion of Iraq by the UK government. Russians can be sent to prison for protesting or saying they don't support the war. There's a huge amount of censorship and propaganda for people living there. The Russian people are also victims of Putin's dictatorship.

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meta, politics, war, discrimination 

I thought I should make things clear because I've already seen some mentions of it.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine is horrific. There's no justification for it and I won't tolerate anyone trying to. I've been to Ukraine, it's the first country I ever visited. I have friends there. They're all suffering. It's easy to sit comfy and safe in your home with a cup of tea and criticise based on what you've read on Wikipedia and Twitter.

That said...

(sensitive because it's maybe sorta Soundfall spoiler?)

"how many puns do you want?"
"all of them"

French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Indonesian, it's cool to see people from so many different countries and cultures on here :blobcat:

Your reminder that stuff you see on the Federated timeline is stuff on other instances. You may see things you don't like, you may see things that break the rules on this instance (NSFW content without a warning, etc), but I can't enforce our rules on other instances. It's like reporting someone on Facebook for breaking TikTok's rules.

Of course you should always report racist and hateful stuff always, because all instances we federate with should disallow such content.

Thank ya kindly.

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The fun thing about is there's no freedom of speech here. There wasn't on Twitter either, despite what some people think, but Twitter took the "debate is good" approach.

I'm taking the "trans rights! and also Nazis fuck off forever" approach. I like that better.

props to Drastic Games for being better at updating their game (Soundfall) to fix bugs than a Microsoft-backed AAA studio - sorry, *two* Microsoft-backed AAA studios.

it's not even out officially yet lmao

If you're curious how the traffic to changed over the last few days...

Apparently never did an actual so hi!

I write code (preferably Rust), play (RPGs, Soulsborne, and Destiny, mostly) and enjoy music. I also stream on semi-consistently.

Also have a not-as-useful interest in Classical Latin, Ancient Greek, and etymology.

Most posts will likely relate to tech, gaming, or uni (those ones might get ranty, but I cw those!).

(See bio for most up-to-date info going forward. Cheers!)

Calling all followers of our main account on! 🔊

This account is our back-up, until the issues on are resolved. It'll become our main account if goes down permanently.

If you've got #LGBTQ+ / #nonbinary / #trans followers, boosting this post would be a big help, because at the moment posts aren't federating from, and account migration isn't working at all.

For more on the issues with #LGBTio, read their Patreon post here:

Thank you. :)

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