I just got back from a week-long vacation with my family to Colorado and I highly recommend visiting Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park if you have the opportunity 🤩

I was also pretty much offline the entire time, which I also recommend. I'm going to try to continue being minimally connected going forward, so expect to hear from me less :apartyblobcat:

When was the last time you did something you really love doing?

joy as rebellion. kindness as rebellion. sharing as rebellion.

Using the radioactive decay present in a banana to generate random numbers. Even if you don't appreciate the math/code/hardware behind it, you can appreciate the aesthetic of this Arduino-based generator and banana holder.

Quick explanation: hackster.io/news/the-just-bana

More complex (including code and math/probability), from the developer: valerionappi.it/brng-en/

I think all americans abstaining from voting should put their money where their mouth is and just fucking kill a senator with their bare hands instead

become the monsters of the new world that you needed when you were despairing in the ruins of the old

Whenever someone uses the word "lazy", what they actually mean is "doing other things than what I want you to do". It's the peak of control-freak culture.

If you think queer liberation is only about us queers, you are not seeing the whole picture.

The goal of freedom to express ourselves, free from judgement and threats, applies to all human beings.

This is not only about the freedom of who to fuck, not fuck or have agency over our bodies and identities, it is about liberating society from the unspoken restrictions and norms that govern all our lives, queer or not.

We humans created this, we can tear it down again.

selfie boosts ok 

gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang (yuh)
👾 the thing about locking fascists up as a solution

it just brings them together in one place

same place as a lot of Black trans women, sex workers, disabled folks, Black folks who possessed weed, you name it

a place nobody can see into, where all those people have absolutely no protection against the aforementioned fascists, who have the full support of the authorities inside

carceral justice displaces problems, doesn't solve them, causes more harm, not less

abolish it

Not sure if its right for #FediHire but im looking for a #Job or #Internship somewhere in the southern end of #California. I need to get in some work hours for my #Horticulture Bs. It can be in any field of Horticulture.

Through #podcasting I have some experience in #scicom, I also managed a large #learning #garden for over 2 years for an afterschool program.

I got a lovely reminder today that projects I worked on in the past may seem like ancient memories to me, but will be new discoveries for people when they find them later.

As a person who's most familiar with making live performances, asynchronous creativity at times still feels like a magical new idea.

Keep making stuff.
Keep sharing stuff.

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