🧵Games I played in July, aka my first Covid

Prey (2017)
I liked it! I never got into Dishonored, but this gave me first-Bioshock-but-in-space vibes. I liked the story, level design, and being able to solve problems in many ways.

Slay the Spire
It was fun to play on the train and in breaks. I liked finding synergies between items and it felt great when I got good cards.

Paradise Killer
Trippy vaporwave anime aesthetics, funmovement, and a good murder mystery to investigate, recommended

"Off-Peak", "The Norwood Suite", and "Tales of the Off-Peak City, Vol. 1" by Cosmo D
This universe is a masterpiece of surrealism and anticapitalism. Funny writing, "bad" graphics, and great music. I'll keep an eye on this guy's future projects.

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