I've played @RootlessStudio@twitter.com's 8Doors game for a bit, and I loved the style and the feel. Unfortunately, it's still buggy enough to softlock your progression or wipe your saves 😭Devs, please fix the game!

I've posted a bug report in the game's Discord and I'll wait 🤞

@adam Sorry, I haven't tried it. I guess people who edit code on mobile do make up a small percent of users 🤷

@adam I've done it recently, and the issue is that it retains the desktop behavior. So, instead of long-pressing a word, you have to press and move right/left. Not optimal but possible.

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Introducing the official Mastodon.lol NFTs! 

@nathan whew, you got me there for a minute

@jensu Yeah, it's all about being a little kid sometimes 👍

@DelphineUnseen Unfortunately, sleep also fastforwards you towards tomorrow so it's time to get up and do the dishes and clean up email again 🤷

@jensu I think the main point is that you'll get better at noticing things that give you joy, and will experience it more in life. In the end it doesn't matter if things are mundane as long as you see the sparkle, right?

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People who moved to Mastodon from Twitter in recent months:

How you feelin about it?

Please don't feel I'm asking you to pledge allegiance or Engage In Discourse
There's an obvious selection bias cause you're still here to read this, anyway.

Just, we've all had the welcome wagon out and the fediverse has been praising itself a lot. But like, I dunno. Curious how it's sitting with y'all on a personal basis

@heatherhorns I read somewhere that Mastodon feels like people having chill conversations instead of Twitter's everyone tooting (🥁🐍) their own horns.

@heatherhorns I'm feeling good here. It's a different vibe and it's nice.

I enjoy browsing the local and federated time lines, especially after moving off mastodon.social.

I wish the people I follow on TT would move here, but I don't wanna be the guy asking people to move platforms.

I wish it was easier to discover people, and I'd welcome a feed of "People followed by people you follow".

I like that there's less brand accounts here.

@gkrmbl @Dananner @heatherhorns I didn't know this, and I think I'll ignore this info ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why wouldn't someone want my fav? I hand them out generously because I know I like to get 'em myself.

*sets as hourly reminder sound*

RT @crowsx3@twitter.com

important update: i'm taking a break

🐦🔗: twitter.com/crowsx3/status/152

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