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Bielsko-Biała-Tęczowa! II ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

Selifie, ec, a bit lewd maybe? 

Good thing this selfie got a lot of likes on some sapphic fb group or I’d be sad

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I know that all I do here is post selfies and complain about cishets

So obligatory complaining about cishets - an outwardly supportive and reasonably woke coworker („I have a gay son!” he keeps saying) keeps misgendering me even in private conversations when I consistently use female grammatical forms and it fucking annoys me. I don’t think this is malice, I think it’s cluelessness and I might talk to him about that next chance I get; not after a busy night shift tho

Selifie, ec, a bit lewd maybe? 

I bought this top and like it a lot, so here, have the thirst-trappiest selfie I’ve posted online so far

I downloded so much new furniture for the sims and I’m making really posh houses with tons of fancy clutter


The sex stuff got boring much more quickly than I thought it would tho

A random fb video had a sea shanty as bg music and now it keeps playing in my head.

Soon may the Wellerman come, to bring us sugar and tea and rum~

I’m suffering

Ec, me 

A friend took a photo of me. Should I kill him?

Sending support to all the poeople in the US who can get pregnant from the country with possibly the strictest abortion laws in Europe. This is hell and people who made it happen should suffer

Gentle reminder; don't brag about your cool crimes (like doing graffiti) on here. It's not a secure place. That's how people get caught. In general, it's important to learn to be happy being a secret bad ass.

If you need help doing cool crimes, only tell one or two people you'd trust with your life. Make sure they won't tell anyone, even if they get arrested. The Weather Underground and the people who exposed CoIntelPro got away with it because they all kept quiet.

Selfie, ec, alcohol 

Marcy after a night shift, slightly drunk

After my night shift I relayed the ward to the other doctor, we chit-chatted a bit, and since I’m out now, he asked about how my ID change is going, and I told him more or less, then said I’ll have to go and change my name on my medical license and shit, and he was like, unprompted: “Too bad they’re gonna treat you like a freak when going through all those formalities”

Dude. Mate. Sweetie. Shut the fuck up.

Cis people trying to be supportive, I swear to fuck


Unions are good actually

Selfie, ec 

That’s me, pretending to be a dude at work. How am I doing? Because I’m half assing it and have actually very little interest in my boymode being believable

So a friend of mine brougt a USB disk, we were supposed to marathon Eva Rebuilt (yeah, right, like we’re gonna sit and watch shit for eight hours), but he also had the ‘90 cartoon Cybersix.

A hot leatherclad cyborg lady beating up nazi mutants, boymoding as a lit teacher in high school, with a bi himbo biology teacher friend/love interest; I watched one episode so far but I’m loving ittttttt

And all I can do is vent here, because even the nice supportive ones are like “come on, it’s not that bad, they don’t mean bad, you gotta cut them some slack” and see how uncomfortable they get when you dare complain, even if just a bit.

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What annoys the fuck out of me when dealing with cishets is that yeah, I’d like them to put a little effort in our interactions. It’s not hard, I think, to call me „her” when you see me in a fucking dress and having tits, yeah? But expecting anything more than lack of outright hostility makes you sound like an ungrateful bitch to them.

Some are cool and make interactions look effortless on their part; some slip up but try; others find trying optional and expect a fucking medal.

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