Went to Anglesey at the weekend to visit some Neolithic monuments. I really must do some more research as there’s plenty more that I haven’t seen yet!

Nope. Bird site is still a hell hole so here’s a few shots of Morecambe Bay taken yesterday (and obligatory “Phil staring into sun” selfie.

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Just got in from walking, grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl, sat down on the sofa, started peeling it

Jaco: *gasp* you murdered it!!
Me: Huh
J: Look at the other side
Me: *turns banana around*

(hidden so that you too can experience what I experienced, it's nothing bad)

This is how he amuses himself while I'm out

I usually play a Headspace sleepcast via my Google Home Hub at night but last nights it’s started giving me its “I don’t know how to do that but here’s……” blarney. Someone somewhere has made a change that hasn’t worked. Grrrrr

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Please RT this poll!

I inadvertently ran this experiment at work the other day with an offhand comment on Slack. I'm curious if the results will be similar here in fedispace.

Without searching, do you know what all the items in this list have in common?

* The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
* A Saucerful of Secrets
* Ummagumma
* Atom Heart Mother
* Meddle
* Wish You Were Here
* Animals

I’ve just had to abandon the bird site - again. Love or hate the British royal family the amount of hate and bile that’s been unleashed on there has totally overwhelmed my timeline and my mental health has been improving so I’m keen not to wreck it. (For the record, whereas I’m no massive monarchist I think that on balance they’ve generally be a force for good in more recent times and thus yes I am saddened by the loss of E2R)

Liverpool yesterday. I love that they’ve manage to blend old and new (let’s not discuss the wrecking of a historic waterfront!)

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I did have a post here ragging on Americans that claim their political system in its current state is better than Britain's constitutional monarchy, but I deleted it on the ground that it felt like I was having a pissing contest with someone in a swimming pool that's also full of piss. 😂

I need to stop watching Allsång (but it is strangely compelling) because I’ve had the chorus of this going through my head all weekend and I’ve never even been to Stockholm (yet!). music.apple.com/gb/album/stock

Do you ever come across a book on your bookshelves and ask yourself “did I ever read that?” It’s by one of my favourite authors and I’ve no recollection at all of having read it (so I’m assuming that I didn’t).

Can’t help noticing that there’s no longer a Brexit opportunities minister in government. They’ve obviously called off the unicorn hunt ! 🤣

Earlier this morning I felt cold for the first time in months and had to go put a sweatshirt on despite the fact that it was still over 24C in my house. I’ve now come to the conclusion that my sore throat is NOT caused by snoring but by the fact that I have caught some kind of lurgy. Joy. 🤬

music.apple.com/gb/album/goodb. As an old scouser, I’ve been a lifelong Deaf School fan. I love their new stuff but this this one, dusted out from the vaults and given a new lease of life remains one of my very favourites.

I’d just like to say that I hate the fact that Duolingo have completely restructured it’s Swedish course so I’m now being tested on words and concepts that I haven’t previously covered. It’s going to be a long month……

Every now and again I have a dream in which I feel safe, secure and content. Sometimes it involves a person or people that I don’t know in real life. I wish that I could tap into that feeling more often as I’m always sad when I wake up from one of those. ☹️

The kind of Swedish phrase I hope never to have to use unless I’m watching a horror film with subtitles!

Until earlier this year I always thought that sunflowers were “just” big tall bright yellow flowers and that was it. I was intrigued to buy a selection pack of different sorts and see what happened. I am especially loving this comparatively tiny yellow one but the medium one that is almost black also has a beauty of its own.

Throw in the unrelenting near apocalyptic news and the nonsense of the Tory party leadership contest and I’ve struggled to keep my head above the water. However, I’ve enclosed a shot of the sunflowers that survived the slug onslaught. I never cease to be amazed at how such big plants grow so quickly from such tiny seeds and they give me joy. Many more next year I think!

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I know I don’t post here very often but the last week or two have been a challenge and in such circumstances I tend to withdraw into myself. It was my friends funeral/celebration of life party last weekend which was bitter sweet in that I got to see some folk I’d not seen for 40 years (even if they didn’t remember me which I can understand) but it was nigh impossible for me to avoid breaking the rules by crying.

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