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Ah right too.

Turns out its kinda hard to find another ASEAN (or anywhere fir that matter) fellow with the same topic of interest since I got stunlocked by the barrage of noise in your typical social media

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Ah right, interest huh?

Dunno honestly. Can't pinpoint it well but at the moment


Here's some taste, if you will.
Keep in mind I'll probably post about things i wanna ramble on so don't get your hopes up

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Hiya, I exist!

Crappy jokes aside, 26, mostly he/him (native language didn't have gendered pronoun), Indonesian, gay leaning bi.

Work on QA for equity software vendor and while I want to elaborate further I won't.

Listen to a shit ton of genres, likes small keyboard that scares normal people, and thinking aloud it got people around me concerned.

Also have bird account with the same handle but that account is less unhinged.

Corn flavored vape liquid is dope and also I keep thinking about that Country Girl meme from the olden day

Dark thoughts 

Oh fuck the not-so-frequent-but-frequent-enough dose of depression kicks in again

I *could* probably buy the hugeass Spheal plushies but with Tongkang the roided Blåhaj I will literally have no space on my bed

Screaming into the fedivoid 


Honestly the past two* months have been hilarious: from the whole miscommunication between the finance and communication govs making the paypal inaccessibility moot, to the registration page filled with—not foreign—local "illegal" porn and gambling site getting accepted by the governing body.

At least now you know why I call them badut

*Yea i cant count my bad

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Oh also an update: it seems that the government threw enough money at Twitter so now a lot of NSFW stuffs got region blocked here in Indonesia.

Really funny.

Again, VPN is your friend* folks

*even if their power are seemingly shrinking and honestly some of them can't be trusted with your data of, anything really

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I mean kinda ironic knowing most of my toots and tweets but hey at least I post way less (?)

Idk I'm pedantic and contradictive like that I guess

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Followed a mutual (?) on bird site with a similar-ish interest only to be bombarded by their tweet everytime I got time to glance on my feed. Most of them are—as you might've guessed–meandering and ranty.

I mean its all nice and dandy but you really can sorta guess how terminally online some people are

Right, so I just speedran through another keyboard build and honestly, looks amazing

- Humble40
- DSS After School 1992 (40s)
- TTC Bluish White

substance addiction 

the lychee longan mix is so good tho fuck I love lychee and longan so much

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substance addiction 

been switching from smoking to vaping and while I enjoy it (to the point of probably not going back to smoking, hopefully), I feel like some of these liquid brewers do not understand how menthol works on your good ol' ciggies.

I bought this lychee longan liquid with menthol in them and it is the coldest mf I've inhale throughout my 5 years++ of smoking/vaping life

Macha's first album is a bit too similar from one song to another structure-wise, but some does shine brighter than the others

nsfw encounter (in the most non-sexual way, I guess) 

A tad weird knowing how we need to tag sensitive/cw on these sorts of stuff, but this is probably me being too stringent.

Also do give me a break I haven't been active for quite some times lol

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nsfw encounter (in the most non-sexual way, I guess) 

Scrolling through Local only to be met by a picture of some person's crotch in the office really gives off a weird feeling I haven't felt in ages.

I wouldn't mind—personally—but stay safe out on the wilderness that is the Internet, kids!

Anyway, how y'all doin? Me, I'm just stuck with my task that can be finished last week.

Too bad the demon that is procrastination really consumes the will

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