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hi y'all, i'm a 28 year old gay mess migrating here from twattir

i like video games, tech (the most amateur of coders, linux user), pop music (among other genres), real housewives, crochet, and men

pls be nice to me and follow me because i really don't wanna go back to muskland

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here are some hashtags for y'all:

there are plenty more and I may revise this list, but that should do for now

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btw for anyone who may be confused, my name on here is a reference to the almighty baby gorgeous herself, Lisa Barlow, reading Ms. Meredith Marks, Esq. for filth on the greatest television series of all time (real housewives of salt lake city)

I've decided to give misskey a shot???

idk y'all I have the shortest attention span and I should really get to sleep now

Judith Butler, feminist philosopher: "The point is not that they will go after abortion first, gay marriage second, and contraception third. No, the legal framework that is emerging targets the very idea of new historical formations of freedom (and equality) and seeks a restoration of patriarchal order backed by the force of federal law."

lt: friendly reminder your “carbon footprint“ as an individual human consumer is a scam made up by corporations to both guilt trip and misdirect you

after seeing the new pokemon legendaries...

does game freak know spain and latin america are two different places?

or does spain have legends of feathered serpents that i'm just not aware of

i love open source software, i wish i could do more to contribute, but learning to program takes so much effoooort

i've had different songs from evil dead: the musical stuck in my head for the past week

it's so puerile but so fucking GOOD

I see that the page
says that the photo can be
used in any way

🎶 i have to ask this question to the gods above
how were we deemed worthy of this perfect love
i'll ask the trees, i'll ask the sky, i'll ask the whole wide world
how did a housewares employee land the perfect girl?

how did the perfect girl
land a housewares employeeeeeeee? 🎶

baby girl 🥺 what's your name? 🤔 ❓ let me talk to you 🙊🥰 let me buy you a drink 🍸🧋💸 im ☕️-pain 😮 you know me ‼️😩

It's important to note that black holes don't suck! They aren't cosmic vacuum cleaners -- instead they're just...holes, in space, that things fall into if they get close enough. Think of them more like a gopher hole in a field, or a sink drain, instead of a vacuum cleaner.
The "danger zone" of getting stuck is incredibly small! Most things can orbit around black holes in a stable way for millions to billions of years. I talk all about black holes in this virtual keynote:

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Our black hole is at the center of our Milky Way galaxy and has a mass of about 4.4 million times the mass of the Sun. Astronomers often use the mass of the Sun (or "solar masses") since grams, pounds, or kilograms is a bit silly on literally astronomical scales.

We've known that this black hole was there for a few decades, but this is the highest resolution image we've taken had of it (or I think of anything, ever?!?)

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Hello fellow earthlings, it's time for another #ThreadThursdays! Let's chat about this picture of #OurBlackHole, Sagittarius A*, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope!! Idk about you, but my news feeds were absolutely plastered with this beautiful lumpy orange donut.
#astronomy #astrophysics #blackHoles (Image credit: Event Horizon Telescope collaboration)

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

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