my best guess is that media and nico both know what's up because they talk on discord and are playing along/ i mean jules at least has to know SOMETHING is up so it's either that or jules is letting this bastardization occur

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no really these are two entirely different people in like every way how has this not been remarked upon

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i wonder how nico is gonna take that/ i mean it's already a little depressing that she apparently doesn't notice these are two entirely different people

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eventually admiral will be put in a position where he has to admit he isn't jules right

consolidate a one-world government so i can buy united nations surplus cheaper on ebay

in five to ten years an incredible number of anarchists are going to have to say they were introduced to the philosophy by dream smp

"The problem with (contrarianism) is that eventually you run out of other people's (opinions)" - Margaret Thatcher

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the problem with arguing mostly is that you eventually reach a resolution, and no longer have to argue.

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not a good thing but i do miss when my art community was a lot more cutthroat with the clique stuff and the antagonisms/ i miss having a club because you didn't notice how much you hated everyone since you and your guys were too busy hating the other guys

okay i think i understand now/ admiral's position is like. not so much against coercion so much as against being coerced
which is harsh but not totally incompatible with the plan anyways

xe keeps commenrating on this couple’s public relationship drama which would be really funny and generally not get in the way but the couple like knows she’s doing it now

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good night to all trans girls who need to fucking snap

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homestuck if it took place in 2001 

GG: they hit the fucking pentagon!!! D:

:anarchy: :antifa: 👮 :blobcatstabbystab: really awesome not having to pay for fucking emojis on fedi 👮 :blobcatstabbystab: :antifa: :anarchy:

there's no such thing as good art. not because of subjectivity or whatever but because all art sucks

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