currently pissed i cannot give my mom the world what the fuck this is bullshit

also financial compensation for that one thursday. worst thursday of my life by far and i know this because i remember that it was on a thursday.

i will only stay if you offer me 20 and healthcare <3

my manager tried to get me to stay and offered me 15 the hour but like
bro thats the rate u offered on the job website get outta here

wrote a short essay after not being able to mentally write for 3 years... take that "you should drop out of highschool" bitch

i keep getting recommended minecraft youtubers even though i dont watch minecraft...

im looking at my assignments and ive decided you know what maybe all my highschool teachers were right im not made for college i'll just quit now thanks

god fuck theyre gonna ask me why im leaving and if theres anything that can be done about it for two weeks fuck shut up im leaving cause im leaving thats all u need to know
anyways hopefully my favorite coworker becomes customer serial killer instead of being nice all the time

i do prefer old fart managers because they at least do not bombard you with "look at this tiktok 🤪" and horrible misusage of aave. but too bad their politics are the exact same

getting a new job where i get paid a dollar more than the current one <3
finally i no longer have to listen to "we're all family and friends here and also can you stay in for a bit longer even though you just clocked out" im not doing free work "bestie" (whatever that means)

i wish i could kill customers 60 year old men judge super hard for someone who's 3 days away from death and also 1 foot from being wrestled into the ground

i have a lot of thoughts on my mind about working at a bougie sandwich shop but my main thing is god everything is so gross here and yet they complain about flies like they dont half-ass cleaning
what did they expect

if you come in and order more than 4 sandwiches w/o calling ahead i hate you why would you do that

maaaaaan my manager is like "why are you leaving like youre sick of us" first off im fucking sleepy and second i do not like you or any of my coworkers so yes i am tired of you :)

oh man this is a lot to take in huh like wow i am not used to anything like this at all rip
anyways if you see this uhhhhh how are we feeling

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