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I expected GRS to push my transition but since i'm 5 months post op and nothing has happend so far, i almost gave up on that. But 2 days ago my breasts started to hurt a bit like they did in the beginning of hrt. I take this as a sign ☺️

i've read a post about having issues with being a environment that welcomes black people and i wan't to manifest in my timeline that black and all non white people are welcome and appreciated here. 🖤

Today’s card is the Ace of Wands again - passion, inspiration, the beginning of a creative journey. Follow your ideas wherever they take you, even if it’s a wild ride. It’ll be worth it


i'm very happy with what i've created for my diploma so far. The last months i've developed quite a bit. I only wish my head would just shut up for a moment. There are 3 weeks left and my anxiety is getting ready for the big day.

🍪Following a first batch of complaints in May 2021, we filed the final round of "One Trust" complaints today. Despite receiving a step-by-step guide on how to be GDPR compliant, 226 websites still used deceptive designs and unlawful cookie banners:

Still figuring out Mastodon. Did the rookie mistake of joining a general server a couple of days ago, now migrating here for the community and local feed. 😬

Here are some studies trying to capture that effortless clouds look!

#art #painting #digitalart #mastoart #environmentart #illustration

[My tweetbot mentioned a brand name and caused confusion at their support account]

From being close to extinction to a population of over 1000 — the Iberian Lynx has started to recuperate, but it is not safe yet.

Its recovery was supported by a LIFE project from the EU, with the coordinated efforts of many.


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In the Black Fantastic at the Hayward gallery was very good - playful and political, with lots of variety.

i just read an interview with about Artists in . He talked about socially valued Art. He compares Art to any other profession. But Art that is "socially valuable" is "Entertainment". New art needs to be ugly because it is based on a language that no one has ever heard before - and maybe no one will. A society needs to value people wasting time because this is were the unexpected things happen. Every system rooted in wages is authoritarian and is wasting human potential.

I used to buy eBooks from Amazon so i'm looking for better sources and tools. I found out about the project to manage, edit and find eBooks. I like it a lot. I found many free eBooks from the directly inside the app which is super nice. Being more independent from Amazon feels a lot better but i wish i could replace the kindle os with a option . Also fuck .

so i just had a Hummingbird hawk-moth visiting me and i was curious what the sweetheart is all about so i read about them in wiki. Here are two very cute things i've learned: they often gather in the evening in groups to sleep together 😻 and if that isn't doing it for you: they are known to return to the same group of flowers every day around the same time. I'm dead. How cute 🦋❤️

Yesterday i started reading Pyotr Kropotkin - Conquest of Bread. I did NOT expect it to be such an emotional read. I felt euphoric, hopeful and angry! I love it.


Unter dem Titel #GirlsInCreativeTech gibt es von #weiblich​en Vorbildern digitale #Technik- und #Informatik-Workshops für #Mädchen und junge #Frauen. Zu den Themen gehören etwa #Webdevelopment mit oder #GenerativeArt mit


i've been learning new things about left politics. The more i learn about the different forms of punk, communism and anarchism the clearer i understand my own values. I had a feeling for what would probably be a better society, but now i'm discovering wonderful complex structures of ideas. I learning names for feelings i had. I want to make a deep dive into solarpunk as i find the concept very appealing. 🌞

good morning/day/evening my loves 💜 have a wonderful day

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