I used to buy eBooks from Amazon so i'm looking for better sources and tools. I found out about the project to manage, edit and find eBooks. I like it a lot. I found many free eBooks from the directly inside the app which is super nice. Being more independent from Amazon feels a lot better but i wish i could replace the kindle os with a option . Also fuck .

@mszwiebel sadly, touching a kindle requires cracking the protections amazon puts in them, they won't give you the keys of your own house

@mszwiebel These days a lot of publishers sell epubs directly, which you can use with Calibre. I buy most of my books from Kobo, which unfortunately do sometimes have DRM, but there are tools to remove it. But I usually look first to see if the publisher or author pages sell them directly. It also depends what genres you enjoy; There are some genre-specific providers for ebooks as well.

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