What it feels like to write your grocery list with a fountain pen

Oh man, Coppola's Dracula is in theaters this month

There's currently cheating scandals in competitive chess, poker, and fishing

Zero of the people in Musk's phone are competent enough to work a shift at Starbucks

Oh shit I woke up and things were spooky??!?!!

I'm in Wired today talking about why social media bot detection tools that social scientists and others rely on are largely bullshit:


can't help but notice you're talking shit beyond the 12-foot reach of my halberd

Musk's text messages are a murderers row of absolute slimebuckets

Cheating at chess by using a highly focused beam version of the energy weapon that causes Havana syndrome

Trying to figure out how it is that Moneyball is a really good movie?

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