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All Patreon donations go 100% towards server costs, etc. I don't take any of that for myself.

Running a somewhat popular instance, moderating it, doing all the maintenance and upgrades, responding to emails and DMs and mentions... It's a lot. It's manageable, but a lot.

If you want to throw a few bucks my way I just set up a Ko-fi :blobcatcoffee:

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Multiple people donated towards the server costs (y'all are great <3) but the lack of a central place to donate was a problem, so I decided to create a Patreon.

Every contribution helps!

If you wish to donate a different way please send me a message :blobcat: :_gaysparkle:

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Oh, a new Mastodon report. Better deal with that immediately to keep my community safe.

>Someone on your instance posted something without a content warning that I didn't want to read

ok? then mute that word? what do you expect me to do? am not a fucking babysitter, you're on the internet, you're gonna come across shit you don't want to see. please don't waste my time with dumb shit.

stole a bunch of corgis while they were busy dm me serious buyers only

apparently "you need to move out of your apartment because you're flying to Pakistan in a few days" is the amount of motivation i needed to sort shit out

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(No, I'm not a communist, or a supporter of Stalin, or Russia invading other countries, or have any intetest in Sri Lankan politics, but the coincidences are noteworthy)

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Today, on the anniversary of Russia invading Georgia in 2008, and being the day Sri Lanka arrested an opposition politican called Joseph Stalin, me and a Russian friend went to Stalin's Underground Printing House Museum and drank alcohol with a former member of the KGB.

None of this was planned or predicted, but what a hell of a day. is a personal website owned by a Brit and hosted in Latvia. There's no first amendment here, nor would there be even if it was owned by an American and hosted in the USA.

That said,

So... Disqordia didn't have any external backups of their instance and they lost everything. Not going to throw shade, but just to reassure users of .lol, we take daily database backups and weekly backups of file uploads. These are stored encrypted off-site.

i'm moving to pakistan this month as one does. i'll be there for 3 months :blobcat:

if you need me i'll be drinking chai with my bhais

Mashallah, I got my Pakistan visa! I'll be going there instead of Thailand, and thankfully I got a full refund on my plane tickets. I'm excited to be traveling properly again :catjam:

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