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Multiple people donated towards the server costs (y'all are great <3) but the lack of a central place to donate was a problem, so I decided to create a Patreon.

Every contribution helps!

If you wish to donate a different way please send me a message :blobcat: :_gaysparkle:

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The Internet Archive have added a WebAssembly-based Flash emulator to their emulation suite, and are preserving 2000s-vintage Flash games, playable in a modern HTML5-capable browser:

The good thing about Trump supporters replying to my toots is I can defederated their entire instance with a click. Bye bye.

i'm reasonably confident that i could take on one coyote in combat. two coyotes? i'm done

@Gargron Is it possible as an admin to disable email notifications globally?

I have a 100/day limit with SendGrid and one user getting a lot of interactions can wipe that out, making it impossible for users to reset their passwords, etc.


It appears has outgrown its (free) mail quota of 100/day. Hmm. Cheapest plan is $15/month, which is obviously stupid.

Wonder is there's a better (free) alternative to SendGrid?

Mastodon does not store passwords in plain text. This is trivial to confirm as Mastodon is an open-source project. We use the bcrypt algorithm for one-way hashing of passwords. I can't believe someone is spreading misinformation about something so trivial to debunk.

A few people were having issues confirming their email. This was because SpamHaus listed a SendGrid IP range as spam...

Sigh. Not much I can do personally, but I'm happy to confirm accounts manually until it gets resolved.

politics, alcohol 

gonna get really fucking drunk tomorrow

@shonalika Just wanted to let you know your video on Mastodon has helped a lot of people, I've noticed many on my instance have said it was you that introduced them :blobcat: has now been sold to facebook login to your oculus rift with mastodon

Fun fact: is housed in a datacenter which was originally designed as a wine cellar.

In case you're wondering what this all looks like...

@daily cd /home/mastodon/live && RAILS_ENV=production /home/mastodon/.rbenv/shims/bundle exec /home/mastodon/live/bin/tootctl preview_cards remove --days=14

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Did some more digging into the diskspace issue. Syslog was many gigabytes because Elasticsearch went into read-only mode because of the disk space issue. The irony. Syslog now gets truncated to 0 once a month.

I also just cleared 40,000 cached preview cards and I'll automate that from now on.

99% full -> 60% full

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