@nathan Damn, not a lot of people answering the call to join the glorious mastodon.

What is your opinion so far of Mastodon's usability? I think it is working quite well!


@metabever The real issue is discoverability. Federated timeline lets you find new people, but not necessarily people you already know from, say, Twitter.

Even finding new people to follow can be a challenge because older toots aren't fetched by the instance so it looks like people are less active than they really are.

Official mobile apps would go a long way too. More trustworthy and reliable (one of my iOS clients shutdown a while ago...)

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@nathan Agreed about the 'older toots' point. I also miss the ability to see boosts/favorites from people on other instances.

For example: If someone favorites the toot I am replying to, and I am still on my instance, that favorite does not increase the counter. I have to go to your instance before I can see the totals. If I am on my instance, I will only see the total sum of favorites people on my instance gave.

As for the app: I am currently using Tusky @ Android. no iOS suggestions tho.

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