Multiple people donated towards the server costs (y'all are great <3) but the lack of a central place to donate was a problem, so I decided to create a Patreon.

Every contribution helps!

If you wish to donate a different way please send me a message :blobcat: :_gaysparkle:

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How trustworthy is Patreon? I hear about it constantly, but I've never taken the plunge and made an account because I don't feel I know enough about how it works behind the scenes.

@JuneCrow It's a well established platform, you just select the amount you wish to contribute each month and that's it. You can cancel any time.

Are there any skeletons in their closet we should be concerned about?

@JuneCrow I'm not aware of anything myself, I can only say I've been quite satisfied with them. Cashapp is also an option for one-off donations.

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