I'm glad people are enjoying this place. So far the only action taken against accounts has been:

1) deleting spam bots

2) nuking a transphobic troll account

Although not a "free speech" zone, I'm not too fussed with what people post here so long as they abide the rules. You're probably not going to get banned for saying silly things Twitter might ban you for anyway.

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@nathan Seems to me to be a "freedom of speech doesn't guarantee from consequences" You can say what you want but people are gonna block you and walk away.

Ive seen people talk in groups on FB that see incredibly racist things and calling the offender out but the response gets deleted. I'm glad to see that doesn't happen here!

@assassins_queer Right, and freedom of speech isn't even guaranteed at all here. I'm sure there are a few people out there who would try to report me to the United Nations though πŸ˜‚

@nathan You're in good company because I'm pretty sure if the wrong person found out I'm trans, gay, poly Wiccan and leftist-leaning-Marxist I'd be locked away for a long long time.

But in this day and age the amount of sites that have safe spaces for people like us is dramatically blowing by the month. Tumblr used to be a home base but it was bought out and it seems a lot came here.

Funny though because the other side cries about free speech and safe spaces.

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