@Gargron Is it possible as an admin to disable email notifications globally?

I have a 100/day limit with SendGrid and one user getting a lot of interactions can wipe that out, making it impossible for users to reset their passwords, etc.


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@nathan No, but that would be a good option. Most notifications are off by default though.

@Gargron Yeah it took me by surprise and then SendGrid go brrrr. Would love to see that in a future release!

@nathan @Gargron hey, is this why I haven't been able to reset my password? Sorry for having so many interactions the past couple days welp.

I had no idea I was responsible for that.

@assassins_queer @Gargron Not sure if it was you, but I did see a lot of "x favourited your status" and "x boosted your status" emails.

No worries, it's nobody's fault, just something that needs to be featured in!

@nathan @Gargron Not sure if I'm the sole person but I've been getting a lot of boosts and replies to my toots. πŸ˜…

@assassins_queer @nathan @Gargron Sounds like it depends more on if you're getting emails for those interactions, than on the interactions themselves.

@Noneuclidery @nathan @Gargron I did accidentally sign up for the email notifications, when I just wanted to get in-app notifs for people boosting/favouriting my toots. I'm gonna toggle that off.

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