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@nathan I am so ready to see him pulled out in disgrace. He deserves to die dressed in orange

@siobhan @nathan Like most popular, narcissistic, petty, dictators he'll be gone, but his followers and myth will be with us for quite a long while.

Ya'll ready for the New American Nationalist Party? I sure am terrified of what could come next...
@siobhan @nathan

@Scrith @siobhan @nathan Yes. The lesson here is that White Nationalism paid off for the Republicans. I expect them to double down on that

Yep, and fascist rhetoric was horrifically effective
@siobhan @nathan

@gaysteve @siobhan @nathan
Fascist rhetoric *that* was horrifically effective

@Scrith @gaysteve @nathan Fortunately, we have 4 years to work hard and counter the Fash BS. We need to talk to everyone we meet (maybe go out of our way to meet people) about the actual objective reality.

@siobhan @Scrith @nathan I don't disagree at all. Yet, I think we need to understand/accept why fascism is a powerfully popular idea. Materially, fascism is all BS, but its ideas offer a cornerstone identity through nationalism, strength, and racial hierarchy. To those living in a nation/system in decline these are highly appealing ideas that provide a sense of meaningful identity. I don't feel that leftists have fully grasped or countered this.

@gaysteve @Scrith @nathan I think you have hit the nail on the head. People feel powerless and they sense the nation circling the toilet bowl. We need to appeal both to their sense of logic and emotion, give them a different path for them to look to. We need to inspire actual hope in easy to understand language and get people thinking and doing for themselves. Once we have communities built up, then the revoultion comes.

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