I've been learning Russian and it's pretty easy to get a hang of.

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@nathan The only Russian I know came from playing Stalker games :<

@Dolly The letters A K M O and T are pretty much the same in English.

If you saw a sign saying ΠΊΠ°Ρ„Π΅ above a shop you could quite easily guess what sound Ρ„ is, and from there it's just learning one character at a time :blobcat:

@nathan Yeah, to be clear, cyrillic script is very easy to get the hang of. Russian language, not so much.

Being able to read it has been a very fun way to cheat in GeoGuessr and City Guesser!

@Dolly I'm finding it easier than, say, French, honestly. The lack of accents (generally anyway) is a big plus. "The bird is blue" in Russian is literally "bird blue" so it's easier in that sense too.

@nathan French actively resists being learned. Fuck that language. I hold grudges.

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