So next month I'm leaving the UK to move to a former Soviet country, of which 20% is currently under Russian occupation.

Life is strange.

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@HPBlackMamba lol no i already left once i just got stuck here during the pandemic

@nathan Ah ok, I see. So you prefer the former Soviet Country because it is your home?

@HPBlackMamba UK is where I grew up but it's not really home. I was living in different countries before COVID hit. Only came back to visit family. Home is whichever country I'm living in, so home will be Georgia for at least a year.

@nathan Ah ok that is nice. So you traveling a lot then. You probably meet and talk to many interesting people

@HPBlackMamba Indeed, it's cheaper to travel the world than live in a western country and you get to meet all sorts of different people. Best decision I ever made tbh.

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