All Patreon donations go 100% towards server costs, etc. I don't take any of that for myself.

Running a somewhat popular instance, moderating it, doing all the maintenance and upgrades, responding to emails and DMs and mentions... It's a lot. It's manageable, but a lot.

If you want to throw a few bucks my way I just set up a Ko-fi :blobcatcoffee:

@nathan you know taking a 20-30% cut would be okay. Since you're also moderating this instance. The amount of non-nsfw marked nsfw pics you have to see is if I have to guess way too much.

@neku I agree!
@nathan: Imho, most users on this server wouldn't mind if you considered your work as essential as server costs...

@herr_leon @neku Yeah I just want to be transparent about where the money is going. The most important thing is server costs, and this way people know how long it's covered for. Patreon already takes a cut too.

@nathan please don't try to just power through it. you'll burn out at some point and then the community will suffer. financial contributions can't prevent burnout but friends can! I'm willing to help some if you want a (flaky, newbie) helper. I can code and I can do project management and I'm in a different timezone, all of which might be useful to you.

@kimbustion Appreciate the offer! I've had a few people offer to help. Moderation is the annoying part, but it's fine for now. I imagine I will eventually hire volunteer moderators but it gives a lot of power and protecting users comes first. It would involve interviews and some training and most importantly trust which is built up over time.

@nathan just joined the Patreon. I was wondering how I could support upkeep in some ongoing way, so that's helpful 😊

@nathan I don't have any experience with these sorts of platforms outside of patreon, so maybe this is kind of a dumb question, but is this or patreon better for you? Like after all the fees and such, do you get more of the contribution out of one system over the other? I would definitely prefer to support you wherever you get the biggest cut.

@nathan Oh, I just reread the post and realize this is probably more of a "patreon for the server, ko-fi for me" situation. Makes my question beside the point, I guess, but I'd still be interested in the answer if you're good with giving it.

@chronohart Sure, Patreon takes a cut, Ko-fi doesn't. Ko-fi is PayPal only though, at least how it's currently set up.

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