If you believe Putin cares about Nazis in Ukraine, Russia, or anywhere, especially after bombing Holocaust memorials, Jewish schools, and murdering a literal Holocaust survivor, I don't know what to tell you.

All Nazis are bad. Learn to identify them. They don't all come with swastikas and Nordic runes.

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A couple of idiots are trying to accuse me of being a fascist. I'm not even going to dignify that with a response. I have a long documented history of being against fascism and doing good for humanity. Believe I'm Hitler if it makes you feel better but I'm gonna keep on doing me and trying to be a good person ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@nathan Putin might be the biggest Nazi financer in the world. All across Europe and America, practically every far-right party has (sometimes blatant, sometimes badly hidden) financial ties to Russia.

@nathan I pointed this out recently on the hellsite, but watching 'leftists' go to bat for Putin and Xi is ludicrous. Putin didn't model modern Russia on the USSR, the modeled it on the Russian Empire which the Soviets fought and died to overthrow. China since the 80's has become quite literally the most capitalist nation I've ever visited. Literally everything is for sale, even their history and culture.

These are not the socialists you are looking for.

@nathan Authoritarian 'leftists' are not the answer to authoritarian capitalists. Anti-authoritarianism means no gods, no kings, no fascists. Pointing out that Putin is the primary backer of far right movements in the left is NOT excusing the excesses and abuses of "the West". We can criticize more than one thing at a time while backing the defense of a democracy against a far right aggressor.

@nathan the truth about moralistic ideologues such as fascists is that eventually the people who they come loath the most are the other moralistic ideologues within their corner of the political spectrum. So yeah its no surprise that there are kinds of fascists on each side of conflicts like these. This ilk of fucker, even before they had the name fascist have been the driving force behind every fucking war since they invented war!

@nathan and its so frustrating that many people on the left cannot see this because we could be doing so much more to exploit that phenomenon against them

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