Yeah fuck this drama. One person misinterpreted a .lol rule, then a larger account picked it up and went on a rant, and then other people started complaining about it. None of these people contacted me, mentioned me, asked for clarification, nothing.

It's one thing to question why a rule exists, it's another to rant about it without actually doing anything to get it changed *despite* misinterpreting it, and something completely else to suggest I'm a middle/upper class person who hates the poor.

I grew up in a household where we had to choose between heating and buying food. Watering down milk to make it last longer. Never having new clothes. I never even had a birthday party because my parents could never afford it. I never went on holiday, not even within my own country.

I understand what it's like to not have any money. To call me privileged in the sense that I've never had to worry about finances is completely wrong. I still worry about money but I still give money to the homeless.

I'm just one person who tried to create a place for others to post without fear of being banned for stupid shit as was happening on Twitter.

Whatever. I'm done for today. Shit's fucking up my mental health even more. Bye.

@nathan This is stupid bird site shit tbh, if they're so interested in creating fake dramas they should go back to the bird site. 🙄😮‍💨

@nathan I'm not super active here but I appreciate what you do, I know what's involved in hosting something like this. There are a lot of people in spaces like these that only want to "score points" by tearing down people instead of working with them. Stay strong and fuck the haters. Take the time off you need. Burn it down if you have to.

@nathan I apologize for:

Calling out a supposed privilege that wasn't there
Just shitting over the instance with this thoughtless post over a rule that still isn't optimal
Not reaching out beforehand at all

@kescher I appreciate that. I will take a look at adjusting the wording of the rule, but right now with other people trying to make the situation worse I'm just going to let things cool down first.

@nathan I encounter this alarming often in government whereby civil employees operate by how they wish their fiefdoms to work, as opposed to the governing regulations!
In one extreme case: I cited a regulation and the department rewrote the section to exactly oppose the intent!

@nathan idk how to respond to this lol

like i wasn't trying to start shit originally, just venting -- it's why i didn't mention the instance at first. i mean i mentioned it on followers-only but just so any mutuals from there would know what happened if i ended up muting it

but then other people started posting about it too and i got more angrier, and after they mentioned the instance i figured i should too

sorry for not tagging you for clarification when shit started picking up lol i didn't see any room for ambiguity in that rule

but the question still stands, what... does it mean then? what's it for? i'm still so confused. it seemed so cut-and-dry

did you just mean not using the phrase "begpost" because it's demeaning? and it's okay to ask for donations if you call it "mutual aid" or just "asking for help" instead? i'd definitely suggest rewriting that rule to be a lot clearer if so

@vantablack The backstory is someone created an account on .lol trying to scam people by pretending to have medical bills, and they ultimately scammed someone. After I banned them I created a rule saying you can't beg people for money, in the direct sense. That's why I also put giving people the option to donate is totally fine. It was never intended to stop mutual aid and I never have stopped it. I didn't even learn about the term "begpost" until today.

@vantablack Note this was like a year or more ago when the instance was very small. So basically the rule just means you can't @ people with unsolicited messages trying to get donations that way. You can post and word it however you like though. There's nothing more to it, it was just created to protect people from losing their money to scammers.

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