Moving to Pakistan in a week, AMA.

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@lovesexy88 In the abstract because my lifestyle is basically me traveling from country to country and I plan to visit them all, but why Pakistan specifically? It's cheap, the food is delicious, beautiful nature, amazing hospitality (often the locals won't allow you to pay), and I've wanted to go for a while. It's 3 months there and probably India/Nepal/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh after.

@raphaelmorgan The country formerly known as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia, not to be confused with the state of Georgia.

@nathan wishing you all the best!!! My roommate is from Pakistan and tells me about the insane mango quality out there! Have fun and eat well!!!!

@nathan Do you like to document your travels and experiences in don't format? (Journal, blog, art, etc)

@zena I sometimes tweet out what I'm doing but not particularly. I probably should start again.

@nathan I would be interested if you decided to. It's not an area of the world that I know much about.

@zena In the meantime check out Chris Lewis, Rosie Gabrielle, Davud Akhundzada, Karl Rock, they've all got great videos on what it's like to travel to Pakistan :)

@nathan Where are you staying (not in the sense of where exactly, more in the sense of in a hotel, actually renting a place or camper etc.) and any plans on what you want to do there?

@nathan sounds great, have a lot of fun and enjoy the food! 😍

@nathan why is getting luks working with a boot partition in arch so challenging?

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