Oh, a new Mastodon report. Better deal with that immediately to keep my community safe.

>Someone on your instance posted something without a content warning that I didn't want to read

ok? then mute that word? what do you expect me to do? am not a fucking babysitter, you're on the internet, you're gonna come across shit you don't want to see. please don't waste my time with dumb shit.

@nathan I've seen other servers where the expectation seems to become that *everything* gets a content warning and, to me, that seems to really dilute the idea and makes it annoying to have to click every post. I mean no disrespect to people with mental health issues, I have some myself.

@jeffers00n It's a Mastodon etiquette but rarely actually enforced at moderation level. I encourage people to use it but if they don't I won't say anything more about it (except the NSFW rule)

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