Cool Russian plaque from Soviet times on the Tbilisi metro. A bit of history in a country where signs are mostly in English and Georgian these days.

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I actually like this "I don't like it" new report option as a Mastodon admin. It doesn't send a report but it shows the user options for blocking/muting. I literally get reports from people saying "I don't like what this person said to me" or "This person sent a follow request without reading my bio".

Like ?? I'm not a babysitter. Block, mute, whatever you need.

The elusive striped Georgian canine. An absolute treat to spot one of these in the wild. Blessed.

If you're curious how the traffic to changed over the last few days...

Okay, we're finally all caught up! Thanks for being patient! Let me know if you notice any significant drop in performance.

Can't wait for this. I've found the current DM system awkward and error prone and users shouldn't have to just trust administrators aren't reading their DMs.

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