@Gargron Wait, so now you're saying the local timeline will be implemented at some point? Because your initial post sounds like you're saying "if you don't like my decision fuck off" as if not having the local timeline is a design decision you've made which you have no plans to change.

If it's still a WIP then you need to let people know because this is a massive addition to the Mastodon ecosystem. MVP and bare minimum (from a user's POV) are two different things.

@Gargron Again, it's about consistency. There is no Mastodon app which I can use where I'm satisfied it provides everything the web version can. You literally have other people in this thread telling you they have multiple apps installed. There's a reason for that. It's not about preference. It's about usability. The official iOS app is literally missing core features, why wouldn't people install other clients? If you're going to develop an official app at least provide the bare minimum.

@Gargron People shouldn't have to install multiple clients to be able to use the basic core features. People shouldn't be forced to use the web version to access basic core features. The whole benefit of having a mobile client is that it provides all the basic core features it just works.

@Gargron Another big problem has been the lack of official clients. Nobody has developed an app which is consistent with Mastodon web and it looks like even you have failed to do that. That's all we wanted. I don't see how you can expect smaller instances to retain new users when you're not letting them see the content on those instances. I truly hope you change your mind. There's no point in using the official app if it lacks core features, and it's misleading to new users.

@Gargron That's disappointing to hear. I was extremely looking forward to it and assumed the lack of the local timeline was because the app was new and still finding its feet. The majority of the interactions I have with people on my instance are those on the local timeline. One of the biggest problems with Mastodon has been discoverability and this makes it even harder.

Also I have no idea how to view timelines other than the Home timeline πŸ€”

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You can't change your account settings from the iOS app yet, and there's no admin/moderation tools either, pinned tweets don't show up on profiles, and done UI elements seem a bit wonky, but I'm liking it.

@rgegriff It's a good start, needs some work on the positioning of the UI elements but not bad at all!

@MsMartinez No idea honestly. Focus seems to be on iOS right now because Android already has some solid options.

β€œWelcome to the App Store” :smug:
(It’s not live yet, but stay tuned)

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@siobhan It's pending review by Apple so hard to say exactly, but hopefully in the coming months.

Really looking forward to the official Mastodon iOS app. Not a fan of the third party clients that exist right now. Too many inconsistencies.

@HPBlackMamba Indeed, it's cheaper to travel the world than live in a western country and you get to meet all sorts of different people. Best decision I ever made tbh.

@HPBlackMamba UK is where I grew up but it's not really home. I was living in different countries before COVID hit. Only came back to visit family. Home is whichever country I'm living in, so home will be Georgia for at least a year.

@HPBlackMamba lol no i already left once i just got stuck here during the pandemic

So next month I'm leaving the UK to move to a former Soviet country, of which 20% is currently under Russian occupation.

Life is strange.

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