lol @ The_Donald getting banned from reddit bye bye 😚

Blocked a handful of instances owned by transphobes.

Trans women are women, trans men are men :trans_heart:

Glinner, fediblock 

@Siphonay and for those who haven't already,,, and should be nuked from orbit too.

Glinner, fediblock 

Hey there in light of anti-trans activist Graham Linehan getting banned from Twitter I strongly urge you to block his own fediverse server that he said he’ll start using more

Twitter locked my account for 12 hours and forced me to remove a tweet I made with a screenshot from DDOSecrets.

It was of an unclassified document which listed antifa as a domestic terrorist organisation. That's it. Nothing more.

What a fucking joke. Fuck the police. Fuck Twitter.

@lyrenhex I experienced 38Β°C in Bangkok and got second degree burns

0/10 wouldn't recommend (but this 30Β°C without AC is hell too)

YouTube really needs to start kicking off white supremacists.

Even Twitter seems to be doing a better job at the moment...

@g Normal for me, my personal domain is registered for a year too. I'll keep it running for as long as I can.

Whoops, small issue with firewall rules today. Hopefully nobody noticed...

TIL the kid of the president of Argentina is nonbinary and does drag and cosplay they ROCK jvkdfjsdkfjkfjksdjf

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