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New rule: Accounts created solely for the purpose of posting pornographic content are not permitted unless it's your own content

This has happened in the past but they've always been suspended for breaking other rules even after being warned. The nudity rule exists to let people know they're free to post their own nude content. It should be much clearer now what is allowed and what isn't.

@desk643 General Mastodon etiquette includes using content warnings for things like alcohol and negative mental health posts. Otherwise just be yourself, if you post something problematic I'll let you know, but it's rare I ever have to do that.

@desk643 So long as you're abiding by the rules you're fine :blobcat:

@tachibaby You can change it back in the settings, I didn't like it at all.

@JuneCrow I'm not aware of anything myself, I can only say I've been quite satisfied with them. Cashapp is also an option for one-off donations.

@JuneCrow It's a well established platform, you just select the amount you wish to contribute each month and that's it. You can cancel any time.

@ols No, I was seeing if I could use camo to proxy remote header images. Due to a lack of disk space and Mastodon caching every profile header forever it's basically a huge waste and there's no way to prune them so I have a cronjob to delete them and an NGINX redirect to prevent broken images.

Anyway, simple enough on the Ruby side but Mastodon also uses a Javascript template library and people using mobile apps wouldn't benefit so I gave up lol

I'm going to be working on something which may require restarting the webserver so don't worry if the instance becomes intermittently unavailable, that's just me messing up. It should be worth it anyway!

@AriaKJanawen Click "Local" on the sidebar to view posts from other users on this instance, and "Federated" to view posts from users on other instances. From there you can click on any profile and click Follow.

And we're back! Mastodon upgraded to the latest version. Let me know if you encounter any issues :blobnervous:

Server maintenance in about an hour. Short notice I know, but if I don't do it now I'll procrastinate and it'll bug me. 30 minutes downtime or so.

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