Introducing the official NFTs! 


@Tattooed_mummy slowly getting there day by day. struggling but i had chikhirtma yesterday and for a while i completely forgot i was sick because it tasted so good :)

@angelkin "considering all of the evidence"? not an academic person but...

shout out to my girlfriend 

just kidding i'm alone



thank u for 150,000 posts on this instance you're all cool

Currently ill. Someone bring me sΓΆΓΆp. I'm a slut for chicken soup.

@luther7718 Most of it's probably from being the only open-registration LGBT instance on the server list tbh

@rayshadows You probably hate GNOME 3. Try MATE, it's based off GNOME 2 and hella better.

Cool things about my instance, I reported 2 things to the moderator. One wasn't deemed an infringement and I received a polite explanation of why. The other was, and the account was instantly gone.
Man it's like the sheriff came to town.
Sheriff @nathan 🀠⭐

@herr_leon Content warnings. Hashtags don't work in the warning so keep them in the post itself. "NSFW" or something to that effect is acceptable.

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