@michaelcaine118 Most Brits haven't even seen a 50 pound note. They're rarely seen and most shops won't accept them. 5/10/20s are generally what you'd see in use.

@Dolly mastodon dot lol uses military grade encryption to protect users from cyber hackers

Multiple people donated towards the server costs (y'all are great <3) but the lack of a central place to donate was a problem, so I decided to create a Patreon.

Every contribution helps!

If you wish to donate a different way please send me a message :blobcat: :_gaysparkle:


@astamite a bash loop from 1000 to 9999 would make that *very* convenient actually... let's see what the situation is like when i wake up tomorrow.

@astamite honestly i was thinking that but i'm not super familiar with mastodon's codebase nor ruby so i wouldn't know the best place to implement it.

seems okay for now though.

Banned them all locally. Can't really do much more than that.

Also it takes 4 clicks per account to fully remove them. Definitely not ideal...

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A lot of spam bots named "Alice" hitting Mastodon today...

@Dolly there's no horny jail on mastodon everyone here is innocent*

*may not be accurate

@epsboy tweeting is dumb, we are not birds, we are gays, and gays toot :100_gay: :_gaysparkle:

I got a haircut for the first time in forever and I feel cute :blobuwu:

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