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Did you know Mastodon has polls?

Other notable changes in Mastodon v3.3.0:

- You can now mute users for a specific amount of time instead of just indefinitely

- Lots of UI improvements from media to notifications

- Account suspensions are now reversible

- Direct toots will appear on your home feed (still as private as before, don't worry)

A lot was fixed and there are many behind-the-scenes changes, but if you spot any bugs let me know!

You can now get notified when a specific user makes a post, just like Twitter!

Visit their profile on web (mobile apps will take a while to catch up) and click the bell icon. Simple!

In 3.3.0, you can finally control media playback using familiar hotkeys. Spacebar, m, f, and even frame-by-frame navigation using . and ,

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Another highlight is that you can now opt into being notified when somebody you follow makes a new post, so rare posters are not lost among an otherwise busy home feed.

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Testing, testing, 123. It works!

Hello from Mastodon v3.3.0!

reminder that you can be lewd on main and post nudes and tell trump to die but if you call football "soccer" you're getting BANNED

Extremely not a cop voice: haha hello fellow anarchists and satanists, whom among us would like to smash some.public property for no reason! I am thinking of it but need encouragement


i could really do with a turkey sandwich rn

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