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I got locked out of my Twitter account for 12 hours because I called trump a cunt.

That's very tame considering I wanted to tweet out someone should put a bullet in his head.

if you post a selfie i have to click favourite thems the rules

playing crash bandicoot on the big tv a times square

Happy new year Mastodon. Mine didn't start out great, but I hope y'all are doing well <3

#UK fishing industry is waking up to the realities of #Brexit:

Realities, worth noting, that were pretty obvious years ago to anyone willing to look past the super-charged with nationalism "taking back control" bullcrap.

I just wish the doofuses in charge, along with Rupert Murdoch et al, paid the price, instead of people who are already struggling to make ends meet (even if they voted leave).

In 2007, a Bristol Crown Court jury unanimously acquitted two protesters of conspiring to cause criminal damage

They had broken into an RAF base to sabotage US B-52 bombers, but they argued in court it was in the public interest

"The prosecution conceded only that delaying the bombers would have prevented civilian casualties since it would have allowed people fleeing cities more time to escape."

Did you know Mastodon has polls?

Other notable changes in Mastodon v3.3.0:

- You can now mute users for a specific amount of time instead of just indefinitely

- Lots of UI improvements from media to notifications

- Account suspensions are now reversible

- Direct toots will appear on your home feed (still as private as before, don't worry)

A lot was fixed and there are many behind-the-scenes changes, but if you spot any bugs let me know!

You can now get notified when a specific user makes a post, just like Twitter!

Visit their profile on web (mobile apps will take a while to catch up) and click the bell icon. Simple!

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