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If any government requests the data of any user of this instance the only thing they'll get is "fuck off", although perhaps slightly more polite.

Or not.

Last month Gab was hacked. I examined the ~65gb of the hacked data. Here's a broad overview of what I found.

Inside Gab, the Online Safe Space for Far-Right Extremists

Anyway if you're wondering what you've been missing on Twitter, today Twitter started instantly autobanning anyone who said the word "Memphis" and did not figure out what had happened and fix it for like six hours

The entire time people were experimentally tweeting "Wait, do you really get banned if you say 'Memphis'?" and getting banned


If you down with the rich man, and that can be rich in anything

Don't you take too much

If you laugh at a poor man, and that can be poor in anything

Don't you laugh too much

If you tryin to be rich man, and that can be rich in anything

Don't you take too much

And if you need to be needed, and you're lookin' for purpose

Just remember, don't you need too much


americans don't know about sausage rolls and that makes me sad

new mastodon feature you give me money for food and i eat the food

like this tweet if you're seeing it on the federated timeline

finances, meta 

Server costs covered until the end of the year!

It's truly incredible to see people support this instance, and it won't be going anywhere anytime soon <3

Minor note: I can also accept cryptocurrency donations (any and all) so if anyone wants to donate that way please DM me!

If someone is being hateful or abusive on another instance, forward it. Let that admin nuke their account.

If it's an instance which allows such content then I'll happily defederate it (which essentially cuts them off from interacting with users on dot lol and none of the content from that instance will be viewable here).

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There are two sides to moderation on Mastodon.

1. Local moderation. I can yeet people off at the click of a button. That means their account go bye-bye.

2. Remote moderation. You can report a user on another instance and forward it to the admin. If you don't forward it to the instance admin, I have to deal with it. Which generally means nothing happens because it's out of my jurisdiction. I can suspend them from showing up on the timeline but they face no consequences.

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Do people on Mastodon not understand how reporting works?

By far the worst thing about running an instance is dealing with reports which are basically "I don't like what this user said".

Okay? Block them? If they're not breaking any rules I can't do anything about it.

I get an email for every report made and that means I have to go on my laptop just to investigate.

Please, think of the admins.

people really be creating on accounts on here like "bob83629" instead of "toast"

Just to reiterate in relation to Gab getting hacked, I’m not aware of any vulnerabilities in Mastodon at the moment and based on what I have seen in their code modifications the vulnerabilities they have are the ones they themselves introduced (along with never porting security patches from us)

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