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In case anyone likes lo-fi beats stations and doesn't mind devoting an ENTIRE CPU CORE to rendering sweet gif backgrounds.

@Gargron I have a single broken emoji on my instance: :blobcat:

It's on my local list of emojis in the admin section and it's enabled. I tried disabling it and enabling it again. I deleted it and added it again. I cleared the Redis cache. It shows in the emoji picker, but when posted it doesn't render, it only shows the short code.

Running code from main (due to minemagic) at commit bf74a7e06d. Any idea why this might be happening?

Everything should be working great now. Please let me know if you notice any bugs or issues!

So, the good news is I know how to fix it. The bad news is I encountered another blocking error and I'm waiting on some support to fix that before everything can return to normal.

Everything will be fixed up nicely tomorrow!

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I'm still working on a better solution. If the site goes down rest assured it's because I'm working hard to unfuck this mess.

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Hello πŸ‘‹ We had about an hour of downtime because of a stupid bug which was out of my control. It took a while but basically we're now running the very latest Mastodon code without modifications (so no supporter badges will show until the next upgrade; sorry!)

Apologies but these things happen. Also fuck mimemagic.

Server maintenance in about 10 minutes. Should only last a few minutes!

Site is a little laggy right now. Working on some big optimizations as we speak.

I don't toot much but I check Mastodon every day.

I'm watching you. But in a non-creepy, anti-surveillance kinda way.

meta, downtime 

Did a few optimizations to make the server run smoother. Required a reboot so if you had issues connecting in the last few minutes well that's why.

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