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I just noticed we have a Patreon supporter who has been giving €3 a month for the past year and a half but hasn't but hasn't been active since February 2021...........

Cool Russian plaque from Soviet times on the Tbilisi metro. A bit of history in a country where signs are mostly in English and Georgian these days.

woah is that hit rapper and artist dababy?

this will only make sense if you know who kevin is

The official Mastodon apps should support push notifications for reports. It would save so much time. Click the notification and bring me to the report. Email notifications suck. has been around for less than 2 years. We just hit 200 reports.

100 of them were in the last month.

Please, people across the Fediverse, stop reporting shit for stupid reasons. That's the greatest gift you can give us admins.

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I actually like this "I don't like it" new report option as a Mastodon admin. It doesn't send a report but it shows the user options for blocking/muting. I literally get reports from people saying "I don't like what this person said to me" or "This person sent a follow request without reading my bio".

Like ?? I'm not a babysitter. Block, mute, whatever you need.

meta, mastodon, dms of the big things when choosing a Mastodon instance. You need to trust that the admin won't abuse that feature, and if sending to a person on another instance that their admin won't either.

Will I look through your DMs? No. But you shouldn't need to trust what I say. E2EE should come to Mastodon eventually. Until then, use Signal, Wire, WhatsApp, or any other messaging platform with E2EE if you need to send anything potentially sensitive.

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I'll explain how Mastodon DMs work, and what that means for you. Mastodon doesn't have DMs like Twitter does, just posts which have their privacy settings set to Direct/mentioned people only. DMs aren't encrypted in any way. There isn't any way through the Mastodon UI that an admin can view your DMs, but they can look in the database if they really wanted to. If you send a DM to a user on another instance, that admin could also, potentially, do the same. That touches on...

hey there epic minecraft gamers, let's sabotage a country's infrastructure for the greater good!

Have you posted a photo on Mastodon and the preview image hides something important?

If you're using the web version of Masto, you can alter the focus of the preview image when posting photos. Just click "Edit" on the image and move the circle around. When you've finished click "Apply".

(And while you're editing, do remember to add an image description for blind people!)

The two photos below are identical, but one has the focus set to the right and one to the left.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

The domain has been renewed for another year :blobcat:

i didn't mention this before but someone on another instance reported me for calling the admin of "one of them homo-sexuals"

i stand by what i said

I'm sure there are people who haven't figured out federation and just think I'm the/an admin of the whole Mastodon network. Or think *is* Mastodon.

The email analogy seems to work well though.

Mastodon has a verification mechanism, though it looks different from Twitter's. We do not ask for your documents. Instead, if you have a website that you are known by, you can verify that you are the owner of that website.

Link to your Mastodon profile from the website, either through a visible link, or through a <link> tag in the head of the document, with a rel=me attribute, and link back to that page from your Mastodon profile. It should then get a green checkmark, like @Mastodon.

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