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.lol is having some issues connecting to certain domains due to an SSL problem. Boosting and liking posts (among other things) from certain instances may not work right now, but things should recover automagically ~tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience :blobcat:

My Pakistan visa application hasn't come back with a definite yes or no yet but given the communication I had with the embassy staff it's looking like a no. It's a logistical thing, nothing personal.

Anyway, I've decided to go back to Thailand and resume my travels across SEA. I still have a few countries to visit and I miss the vibes there.

Putting an end to this once and for all. I'm not changing the wording of the rule, but I've added a clear explanation underneath of what the rule means, and what it has always meant.

Nobody asked me to change the rule before the abuse started so I'm not going to reason with unreasonable people.

Why is it worded that way? Because I was dealing with a specific thing and that's just how I wrote it. Nobody was posting mutual aid requests here at the time, I never even heard of the term "begpost" until a couple of days ago, and nobody has EVER been warned or banned for posting mutual aid requests.

Stop listening to people on other instances. I create the rules, I enforce the rules, and those people are wrong.

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There's no such rule against posting mutual aid requests.

There's no such rule against posting mutual aid requests.

There's no such rule against posting mutual aid requests.

The rule refers to INDIVIDUALLY messaging or mentioning people and trying to personally guilt them into giving you money. This rule was created directly after someone scammed a member of .lol out of a lot of money. This was way back when the instance was small and I basically forgot about it until the drama started.

Heard a lot of shite over the last day. A lot of people taking the "can't you just compromise with the bullies? 👉👈" route.

No. I won't give in to demands from random people on the Internet, even assuming their intentions are good. I'm not a fucking brand. Don't expect professionalism from me if your first instinct is to attack me personally. It shocked a lot of people that I stood up for myself. I don't have a problem telling people to fuck off.

I've REPEATEDLY said I'll look at the wording.

Had anyone sent me a DM to ask about it I would've explained and understood and probably had it changed within minutes. No fuss, no drama. Nobody did that. That rule was in place for over a year when the instance was small and I was dealing with a scammer.

I'm tired. This is the last I'm talking about this stupid fuckin' drama. Enough.

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The reason I haven't changed the wording yet is because honestly the personal attacks on me are far more concerning and I won't let people bully me into changing something which was never really an issue in the first place. It only became a big thing because other people started dogpiling on. One person already deleted their posts and apologised, another doubled down and made me out to be some kind of horrible person, and another somewhat apologised.

I'm just one person who tried to create a place for others to post without fear of being banned for stupid shit as was happening on Twitter.

Whatever. I'm done for today. Shit's fucking up my mental health even more. Bye.

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I grew up in a household where we had to choose between heating and buying food. Watering down milk to make it last longer. Never having new clothes. I never even had a birthday party because my parents could never afford it. I never went on holiday, not even within my own country.

I understand what it's like to not have any money. To call me privileged in the sense that I've never had to worry about finances is completely wrong. I still worry about money but I still give money to the homeless.

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Yeah fuck this drama. One person misinterpreted a .lol rule, then a larger account picked it up and went on a rant, and then other people started complaining about it. None of these people contacted me, mentioned me, asked for clarification, nothing.

It's one thing to question why a rule exists, it's another to rant about it without actually doing anything to get it changed *despite* misinterpreting it, and something completely else to suggest I'm a middle/upper class person who hates the poor.

the inside of my head rn is just that clip of tom scott choking on a vape

Boomer created an account on here, blocked me, then followed a bunch of women, then reported one of them because "I can't get her off my page" like bro take your horny ass elsewhere and ask your kid for tech support not me smh

Haven't been on much except for admin duties but I love you all :blobcat:

Customizable user roles are coming to Mastodon, with special thanks to @NGIZero #mastodev

I have no idea what the notification thing is about but I blocked the instance

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