Why is the YouTube channel N*xtaku so bad?

What's Mastodon's opinion on the N*thing Phone (censored because I don't want to advertise it, I'm just curious and want to buy a new phone after 6 years)

How did YouTube get so bad? Srsly it's not even usable without an adblocker and sponsorblocker addon

Ppl talk about the human condition when it comes to communism and say that everyone is an egoist. Yeah but do you know what's more natural to a human than being egoist? Complaining. If you don't complain about your situation, in my eyes, you're not a normal person. Especially if this complaining doesn't include complaining about rich ppl you're honestly in the most slave mindset ever.

Fact checking? Check ya goofy ass before I steal your lunch money nerd.

As Dark Souls and Berserk are deeply entwined I always think that the bonfires that you meet across your journey are the like fire in the campfire scene. The little embers, the emotions of other players that get turned into a flame by you while you cross the vast lands of Lordran and make your own memories. It feels surreal talking about this game and it upsets me how gatekeeped this genre is...

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In the end what matters is the meta-narrative that despite the despair and angry feelings one might get from constantly dying you keep going because otherwise you'll become hollow. The game took me back to a time where video games where genuinely fun and not a dick measuring contest for ppl who don't touch enough grass. And I encourage you to play it and don't listen to anybody toxic and never about what perk gets to be skilled next in order to be "optimal"

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I love Dark Souls and I'm genuinely happy that the "get good" ppl finally left. The game is hard but dying and losing your progress doesn't make one happy. What I wish ppl would do is to use the message you can leave on the ground to hint at useful things instead of trolling ppl who get easily intimidated by the sheer amount of choices you get. It's okay to use summons, it's okay to cheese bosses. You play for fun, not to impress ppl who get angry because you play a game in a certain way

But it's the opposite I'm slowly and calmy reading through things at my own pace and decide what's good but I don't tend to romanticize anything. I even went so far as to drop most of the "good" anime I previously thought were "the best". Heck I outed myself to a little group of friends because I finally understood Revolutionary Girl Utena. It just clicked with me. And even though my Anthy changed over the years. I'm still headed for the same destination :blobmelt:

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I'm probably the only guy who seems negative at first because he doesn't enjoy many things ppl around me enjoy. But when I drop my opinion on them...they get it but there's still this need to cling oneself onto something. I don't outright hate most things but I'm "opinionated" in the best way possible. Like one time someone brought up Attack on Titan and I said that I don't like it and after telling why they got it but yeah...I still was that guy who seemingly can't enjoy anything

Cis ppl be like Assigned Cringe At Birth

I'm the chill and relaxed Snorlax type of friend until somebody flips my switch by pissing of ppl I like. Then I'm the angry Snorlax and everyone who watched the OG Pokémon Anime knows angry Snorlax's rage.

The Maslow Pyramid is:
Highest: mommy gf telling me I'm doing fine
Middle: goth gf that tells me how secure she feels with me
Bottom: femboy bf that sleeps on my belly and licks me to wake me up

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I'm like I know a place and take you to an old abandoned playground where we have the 5AM talk, cry, smoke, make out and never meet each other again because the warmth we felt would burn us if we'd try to do it again.

I may be a bit conservative on this topic but ppl who present themselves to the public should have the manners to do so in a presentable way. And not throw fists at each other in the Oscars. Nobody is shocked because of that nowadays. Since a desensitized audience will at most meme this incident. And yes the "realness"-cult also had to make the apology a public apology because every bit of attention to that means money to multiple companies at the same time

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the term real just got a new image from idealised version of oneself to radical self-centralisation. Every quirk, every little detail has to be told to everyone in order to keep up the image of oneself. The end scene is the outcome of what gets lost in the process and how capitalism profits from everything. Your success or downfall it doesn't matter.

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