why does everybody have such a raging boner for 100+ year old logos? every single time a company rebrands. they're usually ugly, outdated and overcomplicated. feel like the only person that actually prefers the sleek, simple, modern designs

just learned about the chicago spire that never got built and my life is ruined. it looks like a unicorn horn why cant we have nice things

when did hairlessness become the beauty standard in society? i love being a hairy man. everything short of hypertrichosis isn't Enough for me. i want to be indistinguishable from a werewolf

why do the americans get to have all the cool rollercoasters :( i too wanna wait 3hrs in line for a 1 minute heart attack

(!) is the funniest bit of punctuation. like a little injoke between the writer and reader

as strange as hamilton is to me, as a concept, i fucking love the logo of the guy being the 5th spike of the star. top notch graphic design i want to kiss the person who came up w that

shoutout to the emo kids that used to listen religiously to that's the spirit by bmth. still a banger after all these years hope all yalls depressions are going well

a school psych recommended that i should get tested for add but i always saw myself as more of an asd kinda guy tbh. at least she reminded me that executive dysfunction is a thing. maybe i'm actually not lazy and my brain is just spicy

i'm watching the latest episode of wwdits and holy shit this is literally so good i am frothing at the mouth i'm so glad it's already been picked up for 2 more seasons

i'm freaking the fuck out gorillaz is collabing with tame impala?????

Maybe i'm just too old and depressed to enjoy this kind of show but it just didn't do anything for me. the dialogue was often borderline unbearable, the music was cliche, and i really didn't care about the little animations. idk man. 3/10

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actually now that i've finished it, my opinion still stands. heartstopper was cringey and childish and if it weren't gay i don't think anybody would care about it. tao was just annoying and i hated every second he was on screen, and the fat kid is of course the only one that barely has any lines, no romantic subplot, and is just there to nod his head when a main character says something. he literally could've been written out and absolutely nothing would've changed.

looking back thats a bit harsh, i'm just in a bad mood today for some reason. just for once i want a gay story where everybody already knows theyre a fag and not everybody is a smoothskinned twink, i want a fat hairy guy to be the fucking love interest for once

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heartstopper is some of the most cringe, stale shit ive ever seen but by god am i desperate for gay stories

fucking love the series so far tho, can't stop watching

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watched the first season of the boys today and hughie looks like a weird mix of otis from sex education and dwight from the office

can we as a society bring back the o_O faces they're so good

i'm watching dog agility competition highlits and theres a dog called verb i love him so much

why must swiss people like fireworks so much

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