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this is primarily a backup/alt account for @avad -- catch me there typically, though i'll jump here whenever kolektiva is down or if i'm bored.

If you want to support the people of , please donate to local organizations. Taller Salud is a crucial, deeply rooted, locally led organization that is organizing disaster relief and mutual aid. @tsalud

pdx anarchist black cross is hosting a pedalpalooza ride-n-roll cruise to kick off the july 25 week of solidarity with antifascist prisoners!

colonel summers park, 8:00pm.

ride is planned to be a short kid-friendly loop, but hey, no one is stopping anyone from bringing some ruckus -- what fun shit you can bring?

#pdx #portland #oregon #pedalpalooza #antifa #prisoner #solidarity #july25

to cap off the week, pdx anarchist black cross will host a letter-writing night with some festivities on friday, july 29 from 6:00-9:00pm at alder commons. bring your friends and some treats to share if you'd like to.

*masks still required!*

we don't forget, we don't forgive, we don't concede! free them all!

#pdx #portland #oregon #antifa #prisoner #solidarity #july25 #letters #freethemall

pers learning moment, adult supr/youth lib 

i had a humbling realization today when a ~3yo kid inadvertently schooled me on social assumptions of rudeness and entitlement to conversation and attention.

to set the scene: in a car, lil kid is in a back-facing child seat, their parent is driving, i'm in the passenger seat. 1/6

gonna post some rad audio quotes using, prepare for a wave of shitposts starring the voice of spongebob.

another imprisoned rebel from pdx is Jacob Gaines, who was charged with attacking a police officer during the uprising. a self-described "nomad" from texas involved with the metal scene in portland, he was served a 46-month sentence, with earliest release being in October 2023.

he'd love to receive letters and communications from anyone. write to him at:

Jacob Michael Gaines #81973-065
FCI Sheridan
P.O. BOX 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

malik's partner and family are also raising funds to support his commissary in prison and to help with child-rearing expenses.

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the pdx really really free market has started up again!

these are held every last saturday of the month from 3:00pm-6:00pm at gateway discovery park.

clothes, seeds, medical supplies, music performances, arts and crafts, food and drink, workshops and discussions, bike tune ups, books, dance moves --

what can you freely share?

you all should play @rabbit ’s text-based scfi cyberpunk game, ‘pureblue’ — it’s quite good, i was hooked! (trying not to spoil anything, but it’s a thriller!)

I hate that so many people caught charges in 2020 but I am also really heartened to see concerted efforts to support these folks #FreeThemAll

also, holy shit the number of people held without bond

today is june 11, international day of solidarity with anarchist political prisoners. this is a day to learn about, remember, support, and take inspiration from those who've taken action against the state in the struggle for liberation and are currently captive in prisons across the world.

this thread contains a few long-term prisoners. you can find a more comprehensive list at:

#june11 #anarchist #solidarity #abolish #prison

heat waves are deadly disasters that kill thousands of people worldwide each year (news of the 2003 europe heat wave is forever scarred into my memory), and the likelihood of dangerous weather conditions will continue to increase with each coming summer.

take a listen to margeret killjoy's "live like the world is dying" episode on heat-related illness and prepare yourselves.


some summarized points below:

if you know someone spending time inside who needs or wants more support, get in touch with your local chapter of:

critical resistance
black & pink
anarchist black cross

to see if they can help. if not, i can offer you suggestions on how to get a prisoner support crew up and running.

if you'd like any resources or need assistance connecting people to orgs, feel free to send me a dm and i'll try to help you out.

Malik would love any connections with people on the outside. he's been recently transferred, so please write to him to support him as he settles in for the long haul:

Malik Muhammad #23935744
Oregon State Penitentiary
2605 State Street
Salem, OR 97310

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music and prison solidarity 

getting letters not only provides a social lifeline for people on the inside, but it keeps them physically safer. when a prisoner's name is called on mail day and they get letters, it's an announcement that they have people who care about them and have their back, and they are less likely to be harassed as a result.

prisons are designed to invisibilize, isolate and obliviate those on the inside, so that we forget and ignore them -- we can't let that happen.

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some ideas:
• hold a banner making workshop and plan some drops
• host a letter-writing event
• do a movie night at the park
• feature the voices of formerly incarcerated rebels in a panel or roundtable discussion
• share a potluck
• ride bikes en masse and do a noise demo
• setup a sports game of choice
• do a benefit concert to raise commissary funds

what else can we do to work towards supportive imprisoned antifascists, and ending carceral society as we know it?

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july 25-29 week of solidarity with antifascist prisoners! looks like we’re going hard this year, calling on antifascists of all stripes around the world to hold a full week of actions and events in solidarity with our imprisoned comrades everywhere.

don’t wait for others — be creative and autonomously organize, let a thousand flowers of resistance bloom.

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