well my other account is working fine so! I'll be inactive here :) feel free to follow me at my new acc @kayden

ok i'll be moving away from this account!!!

OK so the other instance didn't work so i made my own instance!!!! swag

fuck it ill make my own misskey instance

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man i wish i could draw

she says as she never actually tries to improve

think my next linux install will be gentoo


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i wish it was easier for internet friends to meet up with each other :meowSad:
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@wzqtparor @TransGal4872 @orekix snap store might be the most successful software store on windows. lmao
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bad bbc news article title, you will not enjoy this 

“The tech billionaire who is putting women first” :)

my lower body is so hairy so even if I shave I'm back to prickly by the end of the day

sometimes I feel like I am hearing things

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