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my name is ani (pronounced like annie not diFranco); she/her pronouns. i'm in my 30s, white, disabled, queer and probs an autist. i am a visual artist and technically am trained as a cognitive linguist but fuck inaccessible academia.

boundaries: not looking for love or sexy stuff thx, NO unsolicited medical advice, no t/swerfs, actively antiracist and anticapitalist. No diet talk.

Access needs: captions, loads of patience with slow understanding or response time.


But also WHY is it currently a thing to try to reach out to your child self?? Childhood is not innocence?? Like? You are just a smol flesh sack that has poor balance mimicking everything around you. How is that innocence and freedom?? Like. I ate slim fast in utero, baby, I was ne'er a blank slate.

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I don't think people really get how deep fatphobia can run. Someone recently tried to get me to say my younger self would be proud of my art and think i was cool --

my younger self would only see that i am fat and nothing else would matter. yes, even child me. fatphobia is the pillar upon which my family was built. I would not have thought my gallery or my blue hair or my excellent perspective skills worthwhile bc my fat body would not have been worthy 🤷🏻‍♀️

Elon *shudder* Musk being devoured 

this is my friend's cat, Dougie. Be like Dougie. Nap all day, help spin yarn, eat the fucking rich.

[image: a digital drawing of a tuxedo cat eating half the face of what would be Elon Musk if we assumed he was human. in the top corner is a a rectangle with the text "save Mars, eat the rich!"]

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Theory gives you a shortcut: it helps you recognize and articulate patterns quickly instead of swimming in a sea of information and observation, unable to see how it all ties together


this card reversed is always associated with my family for me bc they are very much not ride or die folks. they are in it for the clout, for the shine, and the second things get hard they are gone gone gone. even far away from them, it can be hard to shake the last clinging vestiges of family yuck during this holiday.

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Some days you are the pirate bunny some days you are the reversed pirate bunny 🤷🏻‍♀️. Feeling today's card intensely.

[Image: a screenshot of the reversed four of coins from the Ostara Tarot deck, which depicts a bunny with an eye patch and four coins, steering a ship through some rough waters]

Menstruation, hypermobility 

Subluxed a PIP joint painfully while changing my menstrual cup and I'd like a whole refund on life rn thx


shit's about to get COZY

[image: a photo of a white woman's hand holding a Steelseries controller. A ring splint, fuzzy socks and thermal shirt are also visible. ]

good morning to everyone except the kid yelling outside my window

chronic illnessy mentions 

good evening someone in this building will not change their smoke detector batteries and as i have mentioned the thin walls, and I also have allodynia it actually feels like each and every one of my follicles is emitting the Telltale Chirp.

fighting, yelling 

Idk what's in the air right now specifically but one neighbor on one side just full-on screaming kicked her boyfriend out (long overdue as far as I'm concerned but wdik), and the neighbors on the other side are having a deep sobbing soul conversation that might be a serious fight, might be the start of a good mutual healing process? Idk. All i know is my walls are v thin and i hope you are safe tonight.

lol at my therapist asking me if I'd made any progress and me showing her my page of octopus sketches and her being very enthusiastic but also being like "but yes shall we also talk about your emotional blockage" like um, no, clearly let's talk about octopuses, would you like to know how many hearts they have?

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reason 2 wear masks even after covid 

:verified: be like other countries, wear them when ur sick :dragnheart:
:verified: conventions. sick of yearly con crud? wear a cute mask :dragnheart:
:verified: wear them during winter and avoid flu! maybe even help end the flu epidemic itself!! :dragnheart:
:verified: don't let genetics control ur face. make face look how u want it with Mask Power :dragnheart:
:verified: defeat government facial recognition :dragnheart:

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Problematic that y'all think everyone in Britain sounds like they're from London, when in fact there's a huge range of regional UK accents to ruthlessly take the piss out of.

my uterus has no RIGHT to be acting this way goddammit

Hello guess what I have been fixating on

[image: a page with five digital pencil sketches of octopuses in different positions]


Lol just saw my CW autocorrect. Cute.

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oh okay sure after two cycles of being a full 14 days late each, let's just be hella early for no reason, period. i love it.

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~ doesn't respect blocks
~ doesn't respect unlisted or followers only status on posts
~ boosts DMs and makes them public???
~ for real, look:

:mild_panic: Ox Scared

i don't know about tech stuff or how instance blocks even work or anything but somebody should Do Something

@eldang @distel @mcmoots

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