Today I read some criticism that some of the 'regular globe trotters' didn't bother showing up at this years online #wikimania (apparently the online attendance was pretty poor) with an implication that it was because they didn't get a paid vacation out of it.

Boost if you want less light pollution at night, so we can see the stars when we look up at the night sky!!

Remember kids, the "reply" button for evil "pro-life" scumbags pieces of shit in your mentions is labeled "Block @evilprolifescumbag"

Share of people who walked to work, 1970 vs. 2019. Look at the huge decline in rural areas as tight small town centers gave way to sprawling exurbs

Remember how the Tories love to borrow ideas from Australia? With the coming erosion of your rights, watch out for this one.


NSW Police imposed bail conditions on at least one Blockade Australia activist that would prohibit the use of encrypted communication apps and force them to hand over any communications device to police and provide passcodes upon request.

Our statement:


And again, they don't have to use questionably obtained data about abortions in court, just for targeting so they can build a case with other, cleaner evidence they obtain after they know there's a case to be made:


Would I trust HR to deny law enforcement the list of people that used company abortion travel benefits? Nope not for a second.


@waf i don't think I'm 20cm shorter than you, am I? I'm 175cm…

Listening to a great Green Bone Saga playlist from Fonda Lee’s Pinterest and I’d never previously listened to Ennio Morricone’s “Machine Gun Lullaby”, from *that* scene in The Untouchables, without also seeing the video.

Such an amazing 7′02″ of music:

Happy Pride month! It’s time to bring this clip back out of the vault:

Sometimes, when you get past all the bullshit and anger of the algorithm, Twitter is actually good.

Evidence that you are a fictional character: / 1. Regular and implausible outlandish coincidences / 2. Obvious plot holes in the worldbuilding / 3. Unusual gaps in your memory, as if periods of low narrative interest were "timeskipped" / 4. Branded or trademarked items in the environment seem lazy, hastily constructed or self-parodic, such as a social network whose posts are called "toots"

@waf Nice. Though I think I prefer it before it's turned into lager

Today, I'm watching The Matrix on VHS.

Yes, I know it's available on better quality formats. Thing is, VHS is an experience. The Matrix is a product of its time. If you want to *feel* The Matrix, you need to see it on VHS.

Russia is using hunger and grain to wield power.

Urgent action is needed to help Ukraine export its agricultural produce and overcome the threat to global #FoodSecurity.

Our Solidarity Lanes will reduce bottlenecks and improve EU-Ukraine connectivity.


Using 2FA phone numbers for targeted advertising. One of the dumbest ways ever for a company to abuse its users’ trust. Take a bow, Twitter. And have a $150 million fine too.

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