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Hello World, My name is Patrick and im 15yo, I'm gay dude from Warsaw.

I like to play some games (but i rarely do it without friends), i love to watch movies, talk, maybe do workout sometimes, run and program stuff in 🐍. I love to use Linux but because of gaming i switched to win for a while

I also think that i don't really understand social media (especially twitter [and mastodon]) so if you've got any tips please dm me πŸ˜…

and here are some of my selfies ^^

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this toot is sent from Fedora <3

I'm finally back home :blobhearteyes:

10GB is enough for Fedora
15 GB is enough for Fedora and all of my important stuff
30GB is not enough for windows even without any installed app :blobexpressionless:

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Poland, where hate speech against LGBTQ+ is prevalent, wants to make it illegal for platforms to ban people like they did Trump, and let the government dictate what speech should be allowed. It's bid for control over online content, says EFF's @cSchmon.

sdahdhas i love new EU proposed law "Digital Markets Act" (DMA) basically it will make google and fb publish their APIs so anyone could make app that would interact with this service, and that means:
-there will be one communicator, you wont need whatsapp, messenger etc only one app
- there will be alternative apps to some services like twitter but without ads
- google drive will be free to use for anyone so it will be cheaper to start and app

and much more

well, polish gov proposed a law that makes it illegal for platform to remove any post that is not illegal in πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±

and oh my god, they will make "council of the free speech"πŸ˜‚

I want to know what's free speech according to government that have it's own TV with second worst propaganda in Europe and that is censoring some extremist ideas like democracy and basic human decency :blobmelt:

i also want to know if being a troll, toxic or posting porn and gore is part of free speech according to this law

i don't want to get banned on twitter so I'm just asking questions πŸ˜‚

i watched whole episode of podcast with Moxie Marlinspike- CEO of Signal and tbh im dead 😴

was it worth it? no it wasn't

but here is the link

Why people use pleroma? πŸ€”

ps: it's genuine question

and if you know how can you opt out from this data collection, please write me a comment or DM me

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do you use twitter? Check out this site -

This link will list all of topics that twitter think that you might be interested in

If you want to remove all of those topics you can:
1. remove your twitter account
2. Check out this tutorial -

and you may also check out this tool, that will also help you to
preserve your privacy:

i'm gonna end this man's whole career (only with one tweet)

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