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Yet again, State Duma member said the quiet part out loud on Russian state TV: Adalbi Shkhagoshev stated that Russia rejects the notion of a rule-based world order and has been trying "to squeeze out the democratization" promoted by the United States out of Syria and now Ukraine.

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Hey Terfs: was INCREDIBLE!!! 200,000 people there. Isn’t that incredible? How’s your day been? ❤️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🤣

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Final thought on this: surely the concept of ‘sex based rights’ has been the underpinning of patriarchy and misogyny for millennia? This has been challenged for 200 years by the concept equality before the law on the principle of universal human rights. Are we abandoning that?

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Never again will anyone say to their family and friends 'we're going to blow it all and splash out on a new sofa'

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The previously unsuspected 'sixth sense' of Conor Burns notwithstanding, why one earth would anyone in Downing Street be so desperate to keep a story about two people having a glass of wine out of the newspapers?

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"... as a writer plucked from the Victorian age explained to Daily Telegraph readers last week, the rewards of the rich are “natural and inevitable” but the “clamour” of workers for pay rises is “nothing but shameful opportunism”."

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3 days after SCOTUS overturned Roe, Dr Caitlin Bernard, (Indy OB-GYN) took a call from a colleague (child abuse Dr) in Ohio.
Ohio outlawed any abortion after 6 weeks. Now this doctor had a 10 year old patient in the office who was 6 weeks, 3 days pregnant


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New hairdresser appointed

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This thread 👇 is horrifying.
While it may not have been part of Putin's original plan, world starvation still kind of feels like the way his mind would work. 😰

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Russia has a hunger plan. Vladimir Putin is preparing to starve much of the developing world as the next stage in his war in Europe. 1/16

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Two stories about the "Gig economy" today show starkly how it reduces - eliminates? - the rights of workers.
This 👇, plus the one about staff being fired for spurious reasons - after low visitor numbers.
It's why Trades Unions came about...

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EU roaming charges are back after – Almost all the big mobile phone companies, including EE, Sky Mobile, Three and Vodafone have reintroduced EU roaming charges. Leave campaigners all described threats to re-introduce fees on roaming as hogwash 🤔 theguardian.com/money/2022/jul

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The stars of Heartstopper absolutely loving it as anti-LGBT protesters are challenged by a young Pride supporter

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BoJo is also a honorary citizen of Odesa now!
I know you many of you guys hate his guts, but he’s 100% the most popular foreign politician here in Ukraine.
Many jokingly refer to him as “our glorious fellow Cossack Boris Johnsoniuk”

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The paper of ‘family values’ recognises their great hero Johnson got it badly wrong on Pincher.

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Just after the vote when I was railing about Brexit, a journalist friend said to me: “come on Jess, there must be some advantages to Brexit”. I remember being shocked: “none”, I said “there are absolutely no advantages to Brexit”. 6 years later, no one has shown me a single one. twitter.com/williamnhutton/sta

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The Tories need to wake up to the fact it will be one damn scandal after another while they stick with Johnson.

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A bit strange that the page this link goes to has 'disappeared'

Wonder why that is...

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