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For a dose of realness, you can read my toots in your head like Dolly Parton on heavy nitrous oxide. Hailing from the Smokies of East Tennessee, we have the same accent. I drew this Dolly art as tattoo flash.

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Hi y’all I’m Miss PJ- I just moved instances from altho I ain’t too informed on the drama there. I know something about CSA is thrown about and as a survivor myself, I’m just gonna walk my dog over here instead of getting it put on that proverbial racetrack. Rather new to Mastodon, I’m a lil sad to lose toots & interactions but I can appreciate fresh starts too which I’m happy to bring my followers to. 🌹

I haven’t been able to get a new coloring page done for my Sugar Guardians this month yet since I’ve been preparing to move at the end of the month- while sick too. But all previous monthly coloring pages remain available to all top Patreon supporters at all times regardless of when subscribed. That means you can sign up for one month only and still be able to download all coloring pages posted! I look forward to continuing with them throughout the year. Last November’s page is my fave so far.

Organizing art supplies while packing, I found this large bottle of India ink in a box with a bunch of other things with this big gash/crack in the plastic. I carefully moved it to the sink before it spilled, a little dripping through as I sat it into the drain. To my surprise, not a drop seemed to have split into the box or onto anything else in it tho! I transferred the ink to a hydrogen peroxide bottle at just the right angle to not spill another drop. Feels like a metaphor for life rn!

I’m forever grateful to Ebony for commissioning my first ever color Astroportraits on canvas! 🌈 She is the Aquarian Star Rabbit and her partner is the Aquarian Earth Tiger. ♒️ The “water bearer” Aquarius is an air sign, so I try to include some element of air in depicting representative liquid-holding vessels. The Star Rabbit spills a bit of her wine through the air and the Earth Tiger’s forest pool reflects patches of the sky. 🌦

I love snakes. These two Astroportrait drawings both depict Libras who were born in the Year of the Snake. Each I create is unique, even those sharing similar zodiac signs. ⭐️

This freshly finished Serpent Queen illustration is of a moderator in a snake group I’m in on Facebook. 🐍 I’m so relieved she loves it! 💙 Altho she’s serving one of those stupid 24 hour bans today. 🙄 I got my own most recent 24 hour mute there last week for apparently posting a makeup ad I don’t even remember sharing! 🤔 But I am in some cool groups there with rare chill communal vibes I still interact with which brings you these Queens Marquendra and Acnologia. 🖤👑

Went to tag my partner in a post about a guitar pedal in a public group on Facebook and was notified I am post blocked yet they won’t show any post evidencing as to why and also nothing seems to have been removed from my activity either. I know it’s currently not cool to care about being censored anywhere for anything right now since the fascist dictator and his supporters are whining about their own but here I am yet again. It’s bs to think these companies are suddenly progressive.

Detailed color pencil studies of lips and mouths with gold acrylic backgrounds for this past year’s Kinktober prompts “bite”, “kiss”, and “taste”. I enjoy art challenges and last year I appreciated following another independent artist’s prompt list issued early in September to give participants some extra time. These originals are 4x6 inches and are available at 💋

”Hateful” is not a personality. Neither is “cranky”.
*finger guns winky kisses*

Every so often I go to unsubscribe from Netflix and never do because of my damn sentimentality for The Trailer Park Boys which is always good medicine for any homesickness that somehow arises. Certifiable trailer trash by birth, the first time I ever saw TPB many years ago in my teens was in the actual trailer park afterall. I made this Bubbles fan art 7 years ago that they featured on Swearnet.

I’m stoked when my Coloring Guide to Tarot does exactly as I intended! It’s a great concise shorthand guide with fun illustrations to color and help your readings flow. 💫 I’m currently working on a new full color Queer self care Zine that I hope will be able to raise some Trans healthcare funds for some dear friends but I won’t be able to get it out til next month at least. Previews are available on my Patreon in the meantime! 🌈

My lack of surprise at continual horrors does not make for lack of fury. I must channel my anger best I can with art and magic as not to further rot my guts. So new things are in the works. 🖌 🪄

I love tapestries because they’re a great way to display art on a large scale more affordably than paper prints of the same size. And they’re less easy to damage when moving too. These tapestries are 5 feet tall. 💕 Goddess tapestries are available at 💌 but I’m also down to arrange independent trade. @womensart

Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change 

“Even stranger ... the sun now appears to set many kilometres off its usual point on the horizon, and the stars are no longer where they should be. Is the Earth shifting on its axis, causing the very look of the sun and stars to change?

These are the drastic conditions [Indigenous] Northern Canadians, whose lives depend from childhood on their knowledge of the most minute details of the Arctic land and skies see all around them.”

I can also combine two people in one 👯‍♂️ These are some examples in action with one pair as a married couple and the other as mother and daughter. 💕 It’s such an honor to have Astroportraits commissioned as special gifts for loved ones! 🥰

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Each Astroportrait I create is based on a birthdate, making a unique custom creature based on that person’s astrology ✨ Every combines symbols from three different zodiacs that each separately represent a birth year, month, and day. 🌟 Respectively these are the Chinese, Greek (Tropical), and Dreamspell (inspired by Mayan mathematics). 💫

Fellow artists, do you also sell work on Etsy? Did you know they can now without your permission automatically take a 15% cut of any sale you make claiming “advertising fees”? 🤑 You may be eligible to opt out even tho no one consented to opt in. Google “Etsy offsite ads” to learn more to protect yourself. I didn’t know until it happened to me today. These are screenshots from my experience.

I ain’t saying I’m on nitrous btw I’m just saying my voice is much deeper. 😅

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For a dose of realness, you can read my toots in your head like Dolly Parton on heavy nitrous oxide. Hailing from the Smokies of East Tennessee, we have the same accent. I drew this Dolly art as tattoo flash.

I can’t, for others’ delicate sakes, very comfortably talk about the physical things I’m currently healing either because it’s just too damn gross. So I did some self portraiture musing on polite euphemisms for the latest in gastrointestinal flares. Marked sensitive for my bloody eye. 👁🩸 My eyes are brown. 🤎

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A friend just shared this memory from a crazy New Year’s a few years back in East Jesus. 💙🧿💙 Another friend had drawn my portrait that sleepless night. I look tired as hell just like I felt. (Eye contact.)

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